Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 - Every human behavior that cause harm and is motivated by money will end with Equal Money - Life in EMS

The way of life in an Equal Money System will reflect the understanding of every human being that we are all self-responsible for our actions and thoughts and will be based on humans that practically corrected self as One as Equal with Life, doing what is Best for All. Money will no longer be a motivation but just a tool for Equal Dignity. There will be no need whatsoever for one to be violent or abusive and such behavior will be prevented and/or treated immediately when someone will show the slightest intention of doing something that is harmful to other forms of Life or self. Everyone will be assisted to have the best Life experience possible in a way that will never cause abuse or harm.

Most of the abuse today happens because people are blinded with profit and because one cannot survive without taking money from someone else. Most of the people don't even have a chance to actually earn enough money for a dignified life and so they try to survive with whatever means possible, even if this means abuse and hurting another. People don't even have time to stop for a bit and realize that all of this abuse in the world is actually encouraged through the rules of money. So, start breathing effectively and with awareness of what is here in every moment as physical Life and realize how simple it is for all to live in dignity. All that each one of us has to do is to practically correct self to always do what is Best for All, to treat everyone as One an Equal as Life and to give to all as one would like to receive. This is simple common sense. Abuse and harm is not acceptable and all of this will end with Equal Money, especially the abuse that is motivated by money, because there will be no profit and people will be unable to have control over and/or influence another human being through money.

Equal Money is what we all want and it's an ingenious system that values Life itself and nothing else. There has never been such a great system of support anywhere else before. Find out more and join the unstoppable drive of Life in practical Oneness and Equality.

Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 - My first day at work

I got a job as a computer engineer and here is a non surprising point I observed (again) about capitalism:

My co-worker was talking on the phone with someone about ordering some replacement LCD monitors and he expressed his amazement about the fact that the ones that were used broke down so fast. He couldn't understand why this happened, because there were a lot of LCD monitors in the company before and all lasted much longer.

Why did they broke down so fast? Because of the planned obsolescence.

Yes, the human civilization has "evolved" and "advanced" so much that the corporations now specifically design products to break down in a couple of years so that we have to buy new stuff, because no one can survive without profit. So, most people don't even see this point, let alone the consequence of it, which is millions of tons of created waste and garbage every year, the abuse of resources, the abuse of Earth, the abuse of human labor and Life in general and the enormous energy consumption. This is unacceptable, because we know how to make most things last more than 100 years and so we can all have accessible and top quality products that are 100% recyclable, all we have to do is to stop with the madness of profit and loss, the madness of egoism and capitalism, the madness of self-dishonesty.

Be self-honest and support the Equal Money System that will actually support Life and what is Practically Best for All. Stop the self-deception and stop whining about everything. Start correcting yourself first and make sure that you always support what is Best for All Life: Equal Money System.

Learn more about the Equality System that will ensure a Dignified Life for All by reading the FAQ books and listening to interviews, join the Desteni forums and be an example to others. Stand as Life, stand as what is Best for All, be the proof that you understand the Equality of Life. Everything else is a waste of everything.

Whatever profession you are in, whatever job you do, how can you continue, in self-honesty, to be the same, to live your life the way you always did and at the same time see that everything is designed to brake, that everything is designed to abuse Life, that all the world systems are promoting greed, poverty, deception and slavery? Are you actually so brainwashed that you cannot stand up for what is Best for All Life? Have you already become the complete capitalistic system robot? If you cannot change who you are, if you cannot change yourself to always stand for Life and what is Practically Best for All, then you are not worthy of Life and so you will die and be forgotten. And those of us who find the strength and the courage to BE the CHANGE, to STAND for what is BEST for ALL LIFE, we will work together and EXPOSE ALL the LIES and ALL the ABUSE of LIFE and we will bring about a world where All live in Dignity and where All Life is treated Equally. This is what we will do until it is done! Rejoice Life, all abuse is coming to an end and we stand as the practical examples that every one of us CAN and WILL STAND for LIFE and What is Best for All, at all times, no matter what!

Join us and become a practivist if you dare to give as you would like to receive. Join us at Desteni.org and Destonians.com. As One as Equal we are here to stay and nothing can stop Life and what is Best for All.

YOU can ONLY really CHOOSE ONCE. So, what will it be? Are you standing up for Life and What is Best for All or are you a system robot that stands as the abuser and as the problem of this world? Stop whining, start self-correcting and actually birth yourself as Life Here, give as you would like to receive and stop wasting everyone's time! And stop whining and stop with all the back-chat! It's what system robots do!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 - How will the collaboration between management and product producers function in an EMS? - Equal Money System FAQ

In an EMS every step of product production and distribution will be monitored and the information will be gathered in centers of management, where appropriate decisions will be made according to the collected real-time data, on a regional and also the global scale. The goal of management will be to always make sure that firstly, everyone has equal access to products that are necessary for a Dignified Life and secondly, that luxury products are being available. We will create a system where all the relevant data will always be available so that people who will manage the system will always be able to make logistical decisions that are best for all and thus we will make sure that everyone is taken care of and that no part of the world is in a state of lack. We will automate the process as much as possible in order to eliminate all possible human error and so most of the time, people will just monitor if the system works as it should. And where a decision will have to be made, it will be cross-referenced all the time and it will only be based on the real measurable data that will be collected in real-time from the world, so egoistic opinions will not be considered or tolerated at all. People will be trained to do the job and tested for their integrity, if they are actually capable of making decisions based on facts and not their made up opinions and beliefs. All decision making will always be open for everyone to see and so as soon as someone will notice that a proposed solution is not best for all, it will be dismissed and a new solution will be found. So the management will supervise the system of equal distribution of products and services and give producers of the products directions in regards of how much of a product should be produced and what quantities should be sent to specific destinations and similar.

The producers themselves will be focused on designing and manufacturing the products that are needed for the basic needs like food and clothes and they will also make luxury products. They will make sure that the products are made with the highest possible quality and that enough of them are being made according to the needs of people and what is best for all, which will be monitored by the management. So they will all work as one and make sure that everything is synchronized according to what is practically best for all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 - Why not then simply going for resource based economy? - Equal Money System FAQ

A litle something about money: As we know from history, money was invented from a practical reason, because it was easier to carry around a bag of coins that you could trade for anything you wanted, instead of carrying around 10 bags of potatoes, if you were a farmer, and then hoping that the seller of a product you want will by chance agree to trade it with you for your potatoes. So, money in itself is just a great tool that makes buying things easy, if it is used the right way. Definitely much easier than trying to figure out how to pay for products with raw things that are first of all, hard to carry around with you.

The resource based economy is an economy where any kind of money/credit is a no-no and all the products and goods would simply (?) be distributed to everyone and mostly produced by machines. The problem with this is that a resource based economy still considers our planet and nature as a resource for humans to exploit and deplete, as if the human is the most important thing. You see, trying to solve the problem with technology alone isn't going to solve anything, because technology has never been the real problem. But the human on the other hand... Now we're getting really close to the core of the problem. We need a big slap in the face, time to wake up and stop dreaming! Now, why is technology not a problem? We can go to the Moon but not take care of the 1 billion starving? Time for humanity to redefine advancement... Realize that within an Equal Money System we look at and work with redefining ourselves to be one and equal with nature and all that is here and to consider everyone equally, where we work in accordance to what is Best for All, not just humans. Give what you would like to receive. This is a process of realigning self that every one of us will go through as we gradually transform the world system of abuse into a system of support that is Best for All Life.

Many that suggest the resource based economy will try to argue that money is the root of the problem, the root of all evil and that whenever money will be used, it will lead us back to the same point of greed. This only shows that one does not understand and realize that money in itself is just a tool and that we as human beings are the root of all evil. Therefore, as we humans has shown to ourselves, we need extensive support in self-honesty, education and self-correction, so that we will realign self according to what is Best for All. This means that we will gradually have to implement a system that will offer such support to all and that will transform the capitalistic, profit-driven system of abuse into a Life supporting system, where all live equally and according to what is Best for All. The first necessary step for this is an introduction of a Basic Income Grant that will still work according to the rules of capitalism, but will at the same time allow people to stop worrying about survival, so that we can start educating ourselves and working toward the solution that is Best for All. We will get money for the BIG from the corporations and any other resources that generate high profits and give it back to the people where it actually belongs in the first place. But this is just a temporary solution that will enable us to do the next thing, the real thing that's even bigger: to implement an Equal Money System.

All we have to do to make the EMS work is to realize that equality and practical common sense is what is Best for All and to transcend our fears that are based on our ideas and beliefs about ourselves. This will enable every one of us to make the necessary practical self-correction, meaning, every one of us will start practically living the solution that is Besto for All. With this we will remove all the accepted and allowed preprogrammed patterns and self-limitations and reeducate ourselves to live here in this moment, to consider practicality and create self-certainty that we will always do what is practically Best for All Life. For this to happen, we have to get self-honest and apply self-correction and forgive ourselves for all the abuse that we accepted and allowed as ourselves and as our world. Humans are the core of the problem and no one can correct you, you can only correct yourself with self-direction.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone is treated equally and with dignity, not just human beings (!), and to prevent all abuse. Thus we have to make sure that the basic necessities for a dignified life - like food, shelter, cloths, water, electricity etc. - are distributed and available to everyone equally. The easiest and the most practical way to do this in the current reality (capitalism) is to implement BIG, where all will get an equal amount of money for the basic needs. This will diminish the pure fight for survival which will give us time to implement an actual all-new system that is Best for All: the Equal Money System. You have to realize that money in an Equal Money System will work very differently, because all money will be digital and there will be no profit/trade. The system will work according to the information you provide for the system and will mostly work automatically, thus eliminating the chance of someone abusing it. And as everyone will get equal money, any even slightest anomalies will be immediately recognized and taken care of, so no one will be able to abuse through money.

I suggest everyone to consider what is already here and how we can use what is already here in a way that is Best for All. There is no point in having an idea that sounds great, if there is no practical way to implement it and if it would never work anyway, because it doesn't recognize the real problem, which is us, human beings with our preprogrammed self-limitations and self-dishonesty. We firstly have to consider what is HERE and implement practical solutions that are Best for All Life in a way that is practically achievable and in a way where every individual can help by becoming a living example of the practical solutions. This is what we learn through the Desteni'I'Process, how to firstly help self to become a practical example of the solutions that are Best for All. So, realize, we have to firstly correct ourselves and apply our self-correction in our everyday life in order to bring about a permanent change that is Best for All, because all our actions accumulate. Thus every one of us has to get self-honest and go through one's individual process of self-forgiveness and practical self-correction. And at the same time, everyone has to learn how to work in a group of equals, where all work together to bring about the change and the system that is Best for All Life - the Equal Money System. And this is what Desteni group is. And know this: even the Equal Money System is not our final goal, but it is the most important step in creating Heaven on Earth for Everyone Equally. Get involved, become self-directive and stand as an equal. Be equal to Life in Oneness and Equality and stand with the group as an example of what Life really is and what it actually means to care about Life and what is Best for All. No one can do it for you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 - Will my children be the boss? - Equal Money System FAQ

Children today are definitely not treated equally. Usually parents treat them as their "rightful property" and so they think and believe they can do with their kids whatever they feel is right, even if that means religion and/or cultural brainwashing and abuse, violence or whatever the parents do with their kids behind the closed doors in their homes. Of course all this situations are mostly the result of lack of money and poverty, which also often leads to family alcohol problems, or parents not being able to be with their kids as they have to work all day. And the fact that a lot of times people have kids unexpectedly when they are not ready yet and have no idea about how to be a good example for their kids in order to teach them how to be a self-honest, trustworthy, doing-what-is-Best-for-All human being. In an Equal Money System all these and other problems will be addressed and eventually taken care of in a way that is best for all. First of all, no one will have to work all day to get money for their children as children will also get their equal money and so, parents will actually be able to spend time with their kids. Alcohol will eventually not be allowed anymore in an Equal Money System as it is used today purely for denying ones self-responsibility and to make excuses, and a lot of accidents and family abuse happens because of it. Alcohol is not best for all in no way what so ever and if you cannot live happily without it, you will be helped by professionals that actually care about you and they will assist you in becoming a healthy, trustworthy, equal human being that doesn't need drugs to be "happy".

So the point is that we will learn how to be equal with children and how to actually listen to them and hear what they are saying and we will learn from them as much as they will from us "adults". Not like today, when parents enforce their beliefs onto their children no matter what, as they are afraid that a child won't survive if they don't do so. This is completely unacceptable. So, this is the time where we can all look at ourselves in self-honesty and see if we act as superior when we are with children or do we act as their equals? If you believe that you have to be superior in order to enforce what you believe is right onto them, then of course you will be scared of the idea of treating your children as your equals, and you will probably even see this as if your children will be the boss. So, in this case you obviously fear that you won't be able to control your children which leads to abuse anyways because your starting point is control and domination, instead of equality, where you teach your kids by being a practical example to them. When money is not a problem, we will all have a lot of time to raise the children and learn how to do it in a way that is Best for All.

So, start dealing with your fears right now (we have a lot of tools to help you with), because in an Equal Money System your children will be as much of a boss to you as you will be to them, because no abuse will be tolerated and if a problem will occur where it will be obvious that you are incapable of treating your children with equal dignity, an intervention will happen and you will be assisted to make the necessary self-corrections that need to be done, so that you will know and understand how to raise your children without abuse. This is what is best for all and this is what everyone of us would want if our parents would abuse us as children.

Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 - Will there still be advertisement in an Equal Money System?

There will be no brands in an EMS and no profit driven competition, so there will be no need to persuade someone to buy something from you or anyone. This means all the commercial pollution and advertisement that we have today - with all the jumbo posters and flashy signs and boards and TV commercials, radio commercials, internet spam etc. - all will be gone. There will be no need for commercials and advertisement as we know them today as they are mostly just blocking the view anyway. But of course in an EMS there will still be lots of new products coming out if people will want to have them and you will be able to get informed about them on demand, for example, by simply going on-line and searching through a database where information about all the products in the world will be stored for convenience and education. Imagine how cool the Internet will get without all the annoying commercial banners, pop-up windows etc. and also the speed with which Internet operates will increase as its bandwidth today is mostly (ab)used for commercial spam. Of course you will also be able to go into a hardware store or any other kind of store where you can just browse through everything and find what you need and then try it out practically before you buy. Everyone will have an equal access to all the products and there will be enough of them for everyone. And as noone will try and make money with products, you won't get scamed and will be able to try things before you buy them and if you don't like it, you'll be able to propose how to make them better. No deception, no bullshit exaggeration in product descriptions, no need to compare hundreds of similar products to decide which one is better - because all products in an EMS will be made at the highest possible quality. Of course there will also be television, but without all the commercial breaks and annoying advertisement. Instead of that, there can be special programs for example, where new inventions and new products are being shown and presented and you'll be able to see how they work. But the only purpose of the program will be to inform you that such products exist and how to use them. Today obviously, everyone wants to sell you something and so they brainwash you with all the mind-control deceptive commercials that only try to get you to buy the products, although the product itself is a complete waste. Everyone will get a lifetime guarantee for most of the products as they will be made to last for a lifetime or even longer anyway. So as you can see, there will be no point in making a commercial and so all the advertisement brainwash will disappear.

2011 - The cheap-shit and the top-shit of capitalism

In capitalism where profit is god, we have the "freedom" to "choose" in a wide "variety" of products that range between two points in regards to quality. We have cheap shit products that are more widely affordable and then we have top shit products, that only the super rich can afford. The most important thing is that both categories are shit categories because simply all the products in capitalism are made to break down after a couple of years or as soon as the "guarantee" is over. The result is abuse of everything: abuse of material, of nature, of people who work, of resources and everything else. In an Equal Money System profit will no longer exist and so ALL the products will be designed in highest possible quality and will last for a life time and even longer. Except consumable things like food or toilet paper of course. Because of this, energy consumption and resource consumption will drop dramatically and after a while, there will be no more trash as everything will be designed to be completely recyclable.

So I suggest you stop choosing between the cheap-shit products and the top-shit products if you are super rich and start spending your money on what is Best for All products because this way we will be able to speed up the implementation of an Equal Money System. You show who you are with every cent you spend. Make sure that your intention is visible to everyone and that it is Best for All. Otherwise you will have a very hard time being equal to all Life because you'll just abuse everything and so you will exclude yourself from Dignity. Learn more about the Equal Money System in our exclusive books! Visit the Equal Life Store.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 - Wise or full of delusion?

“If we could only be, just be,
we could see our infinity.
We could see that we are the all."
by Lester Levenson

What we have here is an "interesting" statement that has nothing to do with common sense or practical reality. The author here suggests in the first line that he among others is unable to just simply be here, focused on the every here moment in the physical in every breath. This means he's always lost somewhere in the mind with all the wants, desires, wishes, emotions etc. We can see how this is the problem of every single human being today as people are obviously somehow unable to take self-responsibility for their own thoughts, feeling and emotions, to stop them and just be here in the physical, doing what's best for all. People kind of lost the ability to be self-honest as Life here and to not allow any pre-programmed thoughts, feelings and emotions to limit and guide them so they just live like robots, never really being aware that we're all responsible for what we do and create, together with all the abuse that exists in the world. So anyway, author here tries to be "smart" somehow and "deep" with the idea that if we could just be here (which is no problem really, you just stop all the mind bullshit and live here in every breath) we would see our infinity. This here is some heavy delusional stuff because even when we're not just here we're able to see that we're physically limited in what we are as human beings. So this infinity that the author is talking about obviously came out of his mind delusion. Proving again that he's not here breathing but trying to come up with some "deep" and "profound" material to deceive himself with. And he finishes with the idea that we could see that we are the all. This statement lacks a word that makes all the difference. When we are here we can see that we are responsible for all. All that is here, starting with ourselves. So you see, common sense is always better than trying to be smart, deep and profound or whatever because it focuses on practical things and practical solutions. No mind delusion required. So I would recommend to all to stop using the mind as it is all self-delusion and self-deception. I've been using the tools of self-forgiveness and self-correction for a while now and I can see things a lot clearer now than I could ever before, just because I stopped defining and looking the world through my pre-programmed mind. I can see that the author here tried to say something that would make people realize something but he failed miserably as he looked at things through the delusions of his own mind. That's unfortunate, so here's the solution: be self-honest, use self-forgiveness and do self-correction and stand up as Life here in Common Sense as this is the only way to be happy with self and live in a way that is best for all. Find out more about how Destonians are doing this by reading the 1st blog book we've made: Freedom Blogs - The Birth of Practivism. Here's the link: