Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 246 - Are We All Torture Worshipers?

I was thinking about Christian faith and how far removed from common sense we humans have allowed ourselves to become, to even think about and come up with an idea to worship a symbol of a man on a torturing device - the cross. But that is just how the story goes - that he was put on a cross. I would not be surprised if what actually happened was that the angry mob who demanded his death for their entertainment, actually put a sharpened stake through his anus, just to make him suffer a bit more. Because why not. You know, like they also did to a lot of people in The Dark Ages. Would those who worship the symbol of a man on a cross also worship a symbol of a man with a stake through his anus? I wonder. So, some people still worship and prey to the symbol of torture, because they beLIEve that they will somehow get saved from their sins by doing so. Of course, having a short ritual every day is a lot easier than actually standing by the the principles the man on the cross stood by and as: do onto another as you would like to be done onto in their place. But we can laugh at those carrying such symbols around all we want. The fact is, that we all still do more or less the same: we worship torture. Just look at the world, what do you see? People torturing people, animals, nature - for profit and self-interest. Look at all the refugees coming into Europe, because we allowed their countries to get bombed by "democracy" and "freedom". And so they get tortured for someone else's pleasure and self-interest. And now we entertain ourselves by watching the news and having all sorts of comments, either spiteful, outraged or pitiful. But in the end of the day, for most people, it's just a form of entertainment. A form of torture worshiping. So many people get afraid that these people coming here as refugees will make problems and burst our comfort-zone-bubbles of self interest. And so as we worship our self-interest, we make war-ships to spread hate and violence towards these already tortured people and sink their boats before they reach our comfort-zone-bubbles. Look at the news, how do we welcome them? By men in uniforms kicking them around, beating them down. And reporters of course sometimes helping the police, sometimes just trying to get a good shot. Not of the little children though, they provoke too much sympathy in people who still know what that is. I just read that Macedonia is also thinking about building a wall on it's south border. You know, like Israhell.

So, what is the solution to all this - torture worshiping? Because face it, as long as we allow torture of anything anywhere, we are all torture worshipers. Because we admire it, instead of stopping it. The solution here is simple: lets stop worshiping torture and stop it altogether, by not allowing it anymore in our own lives and by standing in every breath by the principle: consider and care for another as you would like to be considered and cared for in their place. This means we have to stop creating war-ships, burst our comfort-zone-bubbles and change ourselves. Sounds scary? Fear is just an idea that we create in our minds and so we can forgive our fears and stop them. And if we don't, if we continue to fear for our little self-interested bubbles - we are the abusers and the torture worshipers, because we admire torture and abuse, either with positive or negative emotions and reactions. But our emotional reactions to it does not matter, as long as we don't do anything to stop the abuse of people and Life in general. So lets do that. Lets stop all the abuse and grant everyone, each other, a dignified and safe life. Let's implement a system that will  actually allow everyone to have a dignified and safe life: I invite you to investigate the Living Income Guaranteed proposal and start being active by helping to make it a reality for all people everywhere.