Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 - The cheap-shit and the top-shit of capitalism

In capitalism where profit is god, we have the "freedom" to "choose" in a wide "variety" of products that range between two points in regards to quality. We have cheap shit products that are more widely affordable and then we have top shit products, that only the super rich can afford. The most important thing is that both categories are shit categories because simply all the products in capitalism are made to break down after a couple of years or as soon as the "guarantee" is over. The result is abuse of everything: abuse of material, of nature, of people who work, of resources and everything else. In an Equal Money System profit will no longer exist and so ALL the products will be designed in highest possible quality and will last for a life time and even longer. Except consumable things like food or toilet paper of course. Because of this, energy consumption and resource consumption will drop dramatically and after a while, there will be no more trash as everything will be designed to be completely recyclable.

So I suggest you stop choosing between the cheap-shit products and the top-shit products if you are super rich and start spending your money on what is Best for All products because this way we will be able to speed up the implementation of an Equal Money System. You show who you are with every cent you spend. Make sure that your intention is visible to everyone and that it is Best for All. Otherwise you will have a very hard time being equal to all Life because you'll just abuse everything and so you will exclude yourself from Dignity. Learn more about the Equal Money System in our exclusive books! Visit the Equal Life Store.

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  1. Yes, now it's all design to break and thus we are also breaking ourself. Best to change our behavior and create product that last >