Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 255 - Crypto-Currency as a tool for Living Income

In the current system, changing anything in relation to banking and money creation demands great effort from many people and as we all know, the banking cabal is not keen on losing the tool that makes them rich and powerful. Thus changing the old banking system will still take some time. But what I see as a better and easier solution is to use one of the new crypto currencies, or even create a new one, with the purpose of distributing everyone on Earth (or at least to those who have access to internet at first) a Living Income Guaranteed. How the system would work is very simple. We would create a limited number of crypto coins, like they are created now, enough for every person on Earth to use and receive a monthly guaranteed income. The amount of the living income received would be regulated in relation to the current value of the currency in the system, so that the amount would be enough to cover for the basic needs of a person, like food, clothes, rent, health care and education, starting small and gradually becoming higher. The way money for living income would be obtained is through a single "Life Support Tax" that would be paid on every transaction of the crypto currency. The amount of the tax would be very small and could be calculated based on the average transaction amount per month in the system, so that enough "Life Support Tax" money would be collected for everyone to receive a living income. This way we can leave the old system to fade away as we can create the new crypto currency by ourselves or use an existing one. The living income calculation and distribution would work automatically. Of course, one person could only receive one living income. So the holder of every account would have to be transparently identified to prevent unnecessary greed. Whenever you create your first crypto currency account in the system, you would be eligible to receive your living income. Obviously in the beginning, the amount would be very small because there would not be a lot of activity yet in the system when the crypto currency is first created. But it would get bigger as the system would spread and the currency value would rise.

So, what do you all think? Where do you see any potential problems, what are the solutions and how can we make this work?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 254 - Reacting to blame - 2 - Solutions

Continuing on the point from the previous blog, I will apply self-forgiveness to remove the automatic reactions and give myself direction through solutions for each point that we be supportive for me and the other person.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel pressured and agitated when P was talking about me with an emotional tone I perceived as blame and anger. When and as I see myself feeling pressured and agitated when someone speaks to me/talks about me in an emotional tone like blame and anger - I stop and breathe. I realize and understand that I started to judge myself and feel ashamed, pressured, where I fear that I will lose my portrayed image and self belief that I am a good man that hasn't done anything wrong. And thus I go into defensive mode where I blame another for feeling inferior and fearing that I will 'lose' if I admit that I was selfish and/or not acting in the best way. Instead of continuing the pattern, I commit myself to focus on not creating self-judgment and fear of losing my image/perception of being a 'good person'.

I see here I have to redefine what I see as a 'good person'.

I have been perceiving a 'good person' as someone who always does best for all, is never selfish and doesn't make mistakes. So if someone show you that you are selfish in some point, this would make you a bad person. This is the basic polarity I created within the goo/bad person construct, where I then wish to bi a good person and fear not being seen as a good person.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create and participate in the polarity of a good/bad person, where I would wish to be a good person and fear being a bad person. When and as I see myself wishing to be good and fearing of being a bad person - I stop and breathe. I realize and understand that I trapped myself in a polarity construct where I mostly fear I will be in some way exposed as a bad person. Thus I commit myself to no more define/judge a good person as someone perfect that always does best for all and a bad person as someone that is selfish and does not do what is best for all. When someone show me a point that was selfish, I do not judge myself as a bad person and don't go into fear, instead I understand that I am walking a process of seeing where I am being selfish and how I can correct and align myself with what is best for all and the most effective way to do this is to no judge myself but instead be thankful when someone show me something I didn't (want to) notice about myself and take the opportunity to note the point and commit to change it.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel like injustice is being done to me when I see/perceive someone blaming/accusing me of something that I see/perceive is not valid.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel inferior, insulted and angry when I see/perceive that someone has wrongly blamed/accused me of something.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wish/want/desire to react to wrongly being accused/blamed for something by defending my perceive image as a good person by proving -that I am being wrongly accused/blamed.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to NOT stop and breathe when I see that another is reacting emotionally with anger and blame and accusing me of something and by this giving me the opportunity not to react back with emotions. When and as I see someone else speaking with emotion, blaming and accusing me of something - I stop and breathe. I realize and understand that I can only support myself and another when I don't react back with emotions which I can only do if I don't take the blame/accusations personally, if I don't start to judge myself, feel inferior and fear that I will lose my image as a 'good person'. Thus I commit myself to stop and breathe and do not react with fear of losing my image of a 'good person' when someone is reacting and speaking to me with blame and judgment as I understand that there is no such thing as a good/bad person, there are just acceptable and unacceptable actions people do. Instead I accept the point someone is making and put myself in another shoes so that I can through understanding of another's reaction support another to calm down and then look at the point and what the solution is.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 253 - Reacting to blame - 1

Today I found myself reacting to another person P, while P was talking to me with an emotional tone with blame and anger. While I was reflecting on what P was saying, P started to demand that I answer a question that was emotionally manipulative in nature and in this moment I started to become increasingly agitated and then angered. I stayed quite as I didn't know what to say to calm down the situation. I created a dilemma for myself as I did not want to simply accept the accusations from P as valid as they were not because they were made out of an emotional perception and judgment. On the other hand I did not want to directly oppose P as I saw some points could be valid and thus I would not be honest, nor would I help to calm down the situation by denying it all. As I didn't see an effective direction for myself I remained quite and this only caused P to react more, where then I also reacted with feeling more pressured, where I then started to blame P for this pressure and became angry. As I wanted to tell P to stop pressuring me I used an example from P's past, trying to show the consequence that can happen when you pressure someone, but as I was not clear when talking, I made P react even more. Thus we had an argument again that lasted around an hour before the energies stopped and I removed myself from P for a while. This show me that I am still not directing myself effectively in situation where I get accused or blamed, especially when I see/perceive the blaming to not be valid.

I will look more into problems and solutions in the next blog.