Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 - Nationalism and Separation = Crime Against Life

People tend to identify themselves through the language they speak which leads to nationalism and separation. This is all self deception because nationalism is an idea that people hold on to inside their thoughts/mind. It is an idea that people are supposedly "separated"/"divided" through the language they speak. Obviously people don't understand each other if they speak a different language but that only means that they make different sounds for the same things and nothing else. Why would we hate and separate each other just because of that? It is the same thing as wearing different color clothes. Why would one fear, oppose or hate someone else who wears different color/type of clothes when the only point of it is to stay warm? Practicality people! It is stupid to promote different languages and "nationalities" while all we want to practically do is to understand each other. Thus it is best for all to learn a common language like English to be able to communicate with each other. Whether one knows more languages, that's just fine. But look at what happens when people identify themselves through egoistic nationalism, they go mad and hate each other and kill each other. Why do we allow this?! It is pure stupidity. Everything based on separation such as nationalism should be recognized as a crime against Life, not just humanity, as the consequences of separation are only hate, greed, egoism and all other sorts of abuse.

Then we have culture separation, skin color separation, gender separation .....etc......etc......etc.....
We have to realize that every separation comes from our thoughts/mind and is not actually real. We are all the same, even if we look differently or whatever. We're all Life, so why don't we just stop fucking ourselves with all our mind-created, imaginary self-definitions?
And the biggest separation today is created through capitalism as every one thinks that their ego is worth more than anyone else's ego because of this and that and this and that.... so then we go and try to steal from each other as hard as possible by making laws of capitalism that support it because the ego of man is incapable of common sense. What the fuck? Why don't we just get rid of ego crap and do what is Best for All Life because guess what? What's best for All Life is Best for YOU. Wow.

"I was born in a bloodline I deserve to be a king!" ... "Yes, my lord, oh how unworthy we are, your ego bullshit is so great!" ... "Yes, now be my peasants, you don't deserve equality!" ... "Yes, thank you your royal grace, we need you to enslave us with your super ego!" What the fuck?

"My parents were rich and I got their money so now I'll buy your corporation and be your master!" ... "Yes, we agree, you have all the credentials and money numbers on paper, we shall accept you as our leader and support your ego by allowing you to take billions of dollars from us because your ego is so amazingly skilled and almighty and we are ashamed of ourselves in your presence." ... "Very good, your brainwash is complete, you don't deserve equality because I want to be rich and I want you to be poor" ... "Yes this is completely acceptable, you speak such smart words, we are grateful." What the fuck?

Self-honesty, self-correction, supporting what is Best for All Life = join Desteni, stop ego bullshit. Because we're seriously not interested in watching anyone suffer while we know the answer that's Best for All. What's that, you do want to suffer? Haven't joined us yet? Haven't started to do self-forgiveness and self-correction yet? Wow, aren't you a smart one, your ego is truly your master that makes you suffer and obviously you don't want to take self-responsibility yet. That's just fine, we'll be able to use you as a clear example of what stupidity and self-deception is for the time being.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 - Occupy Wall Street! Then what?

99.9% of the world population is being denied a Dignified Life so that 0.01% of the people can have it all. Welcome to capitalism. Wait, are we kind of actually starting to realize that this is not what we want? Good. Occupy Wall Street! Then what? There are so many people protesting everywhere but there is almost no (self)direction in all of it, so nothing changes. So, why don't we actually, practically get together as equals and start implementing a practical solution that is Best for All? Yes, we already have practical solutions that are actually Best for All Life. Here is one: Equal Money System. But as we realized, people find it kind of too perfect for the time being. So here's another one: Basic Income Grant! Why bailout the bankers and the corporations? Bail out the people! Demand democracy, demand one-man-one-vote and demand an implementation of a Basic Income Grant! Cap all the profit of the rich and use the money to grant All people a Basic Income with which one can at least survive when one has no other income. This way at least all this protests will have an actual practical purpose that is actually in the Best interest of All. Then we'll be able to calm down a bit and finally realize that what we All have to do in order to All Live in Dignity is to implement an Equal Money System. Occupy yourself with living out the practical solutions that will make this happen, don't just be occupied with occupying something that's already occupied. Breathe, clear yourself, make room for something new, be the change that will help us establish a Dignified Life for All. Support an Equal Money System! At least support a Basic Income Grant. And do it actively, get the point? Don't just say ok, sure, and then go back to whatever you always do. Yeah, that's why nothing changes, we're all still waiting for each other, highly intelligent species as we are... Live out the physical change, live the realization as yourself that we have to change this system of abuse into what's Best for All, help to make it happen practically! If you don't know how, check out Desteni and join the practivists. We're in it for Life! Equal Money for All! We don't stop until it's done, enough is enough, we support only what is Best for All Life and nothing less!

2011 - Will inventors of new stuff be rewarded in EMS?

Inventors in the current capitalistic system are driven by profit, like everyone else, thus they are limited to only invent stuff that will generate profit because otherwise they cannot get any funding. So, when they invent something that can be used to generate profit, they get rewarded with money and sometimes also with rewards for special achievements or similar. Thus all the inventions today which are not in line with the profit making strategies, don’t get used and produced. Often they even get removed from public and their existence is denied as they would cause specific corporations to lose their profit. Such examples today would be the technology to transmit electricity through air because it is obviously very hard to monitor the consumers of such distribution and that makes it hard to write them a bill. Another example would be a water fueled car that can run completely on water. There is a lot of water in most of the places so the oil corporations obviously wouldn’t be able to charge for it, also there would be a lot of other money-related complications if such a car would be mass produced, because lots of people would suddenly start to lose their jobs. No such problems will exist in an Equal Money System as it will have nothing to do with making profit. So, obviously a lot of great inventions today that would benefit all of Life on Earth are actually not allowed and hidden away because they are unable to generate profit or even destroy profit.

So, how will inventions work in an Equal Money System? Firstly, inventors won’t be driven by profit as profit won’t exist. Thus only people that really like to invent new stuff will work in research institutions as they will be paid equally as everyone else. This obviously means that they won’t focus on inventions that are suitable for making profit; instead they will focus on whatever they want, obviously aligned with the principle that all inventions must support life in all ways. Inventions that can only be used to harm Life will thus not be allowed. And will the scientists be rewarded? Obviously not with money, as everyone will be paid equally for the work they do. And if we look at it self-honestly, do we really expect a reward when we do something that we like to do, that we enjoy doing? Not really, because we do it from an inner motivation. Rewards are a form of outer motivation, like a carrot on a stick or like money today. It makes people greedy and it makes them compete instead of working together and enjoying what they do. Obviously, recognition rewards or rewards for special achievements and similar can be given but I’d say no one will really care about them. As the focus will be taken away from profit and ‘follow the carrot on a stick system’, people will see and realize that inventing or doing things that improve and support all Life equally is the greatest reward in itself.

And there is also another thing about ‘inventions’. No invention is really new, as every ‘inventor’ always firstly works with what is already here, thus he just uses parts that already exist and were created or invented by others or were just simply always here. So no single man or a group of people can ever be labeled as the sole inventors of anything. Thus every one of us always contributes to what is here which also makes us all responsible. People will start to realize more and more what oneness and equality actually means as we go through our processes of self-honesty and self-correction.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 - Will the people vote for an equal money system?

First of all, when we look self-honestly at the consequences that are being produced through the current system of capitalism (abuse, famine, exploitation), we can clearly see that it is not working the way that is best for all. It only works for a small group of extremely rich people that build their wealth of the hard work of others. This fact is not hard to see and understand. The only people who really benefit from this system and are thus unlikely to be interested in changing it, are just a small percent of very rich people. And even they are able to realize that the current system is limiting them as well, because they are constantly dependent on exploiting others in order to maintain their luxury status through money. The point here is that everyone else, the big majority of the world population, are not satisfied with the capitalist system as it currently exists, as more and more people live on the edge of poverty every day and have to compete for pure survival. Thus the majority of people are very interested in finding and supporting better solutions that would allow them to enjoy a dignified life as well. But until now, there really wasn't any serious proposal or project presented to the people that would actually explore, develop and implement practical solutions that can be applied and followed by everyone of us in order to help with the implementation of the necessary changes that will guarantee everyone not only a dignified life, but a life that can today only be compared with a life of a millionaire. So, as people will get to understand more and more how an Equal Money System works and that it is actually designed in a way that is Best for All Life Equally, and as at the same time, we will be faced more and more with the abusive reality of the current capitalistic system, we will realize that something has to be changed and that the best way to change things is the way where everyone are considered equally. So, by the time we introduce the Equal Money System through a democratic, one man one vote option, people will have enough time to explore it, to understand its principles and to realize that it actually represents a solution that is Best for All. Thus people will vote for it as they will understand it and see for themselves how it will bring a Dignified Life for All.

So I look at it in self-honesty and ask myself, why would I vote for an Equal Money System? Do I really like more the current capitalistic system that perpetuates exploitation, greed, poverty, competition, scarcity, inequality and deception? Or do I like a system that ensures a Dignified Life for All by treating everyone equally, a system where I can choose to do what I like to do, a system where I don’t have to fight for pure survival all the time, a system that is actually based on the value of Life itself instead of profit? There is no doubt in me at all that I can help to establish such a system because I realized that every one of us is capable of being self-honest and doing what is best for all by standing as an example. Every one of us can realize self as equal to all life and stand as an example of how to practically achieve necessary changes, because I have been doing it and will be doing it as long as I have to, to show to myself and others that we make our own destiny and that we have to and are able to accept nothing less but what is Best for All Life.

Why would I want to live in a world where I have to exploit other beings in order to get enough money to secure the safety of my own life? Why would I blind myself from all the abuse that is generated through capitalism if there is a better solution at hand? Why would I care only for myself and my own wealth if I can see that even if I get rich, I will have to live in fear of losing what I have? Even today’s millionaires can't escape the fact that Earth is getting more and more polluted, that the majority of countries are poor and so dangerous to visit. Would I really be happy if I got rich, hiding in my mansion somewhere, while others live in misery? We can build a world that is better than that! I want to see all people happy and taken care of, I want to be able not to worry about money and survival, I want to be able to do what I like to do, no matter where I go. I want to be able to visit all the places on Earth and know that I will be taken care of equally as everyone else. I want a system that will honor all life equally on all levels and support all life equally no matter what. Being self-honest, this is what we all want because what is best for all is best for ourselves. And this is exactly what we will start establishing with an Equal Money System. Those that are not willing to support equality of Life are only able to do so because they currently possess a lot of money by exploiting others and they are just a few and can never be more than just a few because the capitalism doesn’t allow anything else. So, what do you think people will vote for when they will be offered a chance to live equally to those that are now millionaires? Will they vote for an Equal Money System or will they prefer Capitalism?

Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 - Fear Factor - Think you have what it takes to face your fears?

You've probably heard of the TV show called Fear Factor where people are competing to be the quickest in all sorts of frightening tasks for a money prize. Anyway, in one of the episodes there was a task where people had to shave their hair off, depending on what random crazy hair style they landed on - winner got 25.000$. There were three couples (man and a woman) and obviously women had the biggest problem. Only one let them to shave her hair off. One of the contestants said that they would eat worms and stuff with ease (which is what the regular task looks like on the show) but cutting their hair away is too much for her to handle. This is a clear example of how we people allow ourselves to be controlled through our own self-centered ego. The contestant would obviously had no problem with eating other 'disgusting' animals to get some money, but couldn't shave her own hair even when offered a chance to win a lot of money = this shows the self-centeredness of human ego. Especially women put a lot of self-worth into their hair because they want to be noticed and seen as attractive in order to be able to get a (rich) man they want. So people construct this ideas in their heads that if they shave their hair for example, they will not be seen as acceptable in the system (fear of not getting sex and money) so they accept and allow themselves to put all the self-worth into an outside object like hair and to subdue themselves to the general ideas of what beauty is - a complete mind-fuck - and then people become slaves to their own ego.

Now be self-honest and make a test: Would you be able to right now shave off your hair bald (if you have any or just change something else in your appearance that you define as 'valuable' to you) and have no problems with (reactions to) it whatsoever? Forget about what other people would say or do (that's their self-responsibility)- you are the one that needs to be self honest here. Would you feel any different? Go ahead and do it, try it out, see for yourself! You see, most of the people would have lots of reactions doing this (emotional or in thought) and would have a hard time with it, lots (or I dare to say most) of the people would not be able to do it at all because of the accepted and allowed value they put into their hair for example. This is just one small example we can look at in order to see and understand how hard we limit and programme ourselves through our thoughts and emotions (ego). Why would one want to live with shit like this in the head? Why would one want to limit oneself like this? It's all just an addiction to one's own self-judgemental ego... It's all self-deception.

I realized this a while ago so I shaved my head bald to see what kind of mind-fucks I created for myself regarding my hair and self-image and everything. And I saw how extensive it was. Really bad stuff. And then I used self-forgiveness and self-correction and I set myself free from all of this bullshit limitations that I created for myself and defined myself with, believing that I am what I think, that I am my thoughts. All self-deception. Now I don't worry any more about how I look as this is all ego (meaning mind stuff, not real, just made up in my head), I don't judge myself any more = I don't go into my head, my thoughts, comparing myself to others and all that unnecessary stuff. Through ego we only see ourselves through our self-accepted and allowed mind patterns and thus we limit and abuse ourselves and others, as we don't consider anything else but only what is apparently best for our ego. So, this hair and appearance thing is just one simple example of how we people enslaved ourselves to our own mind ideas and perceptions. A lot more of letting go and self-forgiving must be done by all of us in order to end all the (self)abuse we create constantly today, so that we will be able to establish a Dignified Life for all.

We must change the way we thing and how we do things, we must recreate, rebirth ourselves in self-honesty as Life through self-forgiveness and self-correction in order to be able to stand in self-responsibility and always do what is Best for All. This is what Destonians do. We decided to no longer support self-deception as it exists everywhere today - we say NO MORE to all the SELF-ABUSE and we take self-responsibility for ourselves. It's a fun and very self-empowering process, but it is also often quite hard and that's what makes it interesting. Join us, let's do what is Best for All together, as a group of Equals, and create heaven on Earth for everyone Equally, where All Life is equally taken care off, where All are guaranteed to live in Dignity and have fun! Don't worry about the 'how' as we already have a lot of practical solutions everyone can apply. And when we don't, we find them within us and we become the solution and we make it work the way that is Best for All!

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Give and you shall receive. We are all One and Equal as Life, but where and how do we practically apply this today? Look at the state of the world, be self-honest. Every one of us is equally responsible for the condition of the world. With every action (or non-action) we either accept and allow the world to exist as it exists today, with all the abuse, or we work towards a solution that is Best for All. Where do you stand? Don't fall for the traps of your ego as ego is self-dishonesty and self-deception because it blinds you from the real physical world that exists in every here-moment and it takes you into an ego-trip where you only follow your 'good feelings' and abuse everything on the way, mostly yourself. Self-deception leads to very bad consequences no one wants to deal with, so make sure you know how to do things the way that's Best for All as this is also what is Best for Your-Self. Doing things the same way you always did while expecting a better result is madness. Thus, focus on this physical reality that is equally here for everyone to experience and realize that we have to let go of egoism and rebirth ourselves through self-forgiveness and self-correction, to stand as Life and for all Life Equally, because that is what is Best for All and that includes Your-Self. Understand that we all have to firstly fix ourselves through self-honesty and with this we will start to fix this physical reality and reshape it into a place where all Life is treated Equally and with Dignity. Ignorance, egoism, self-deception, lack of self-responsibility - this is all just a waste of time. Or more precisely, it all just leads into consequences of abuse, as we can clearly see today, everywhere we go. Be self-honest, be Life, join us! One by one we will stand as examples of what it really means to be alive, to be one and equal with Life, and so we will make heaven on Earth for All Life Equally!

I am a Destonian and I stand for what is Best for All, for a Dignified Life for All and for World Equality. This is why I support and Equal Money System!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 - Venice Tourist Attractions - Biennale: Art or Self-Deception?

Yesterday I was in Venice with Barbi, visiting the famous biennale art exhibition where artists from all over the world are chosen to display their works of art and are also given awards for their efforts. One of the awards went to a German artist who tried to help a local community in Africa by building them basic life support facilities like hospital and houses, but he died of lung cancer before the project was finished. They showed the videos of the construction project from Africa and of him explaining his vision for the local community, they also designed a room with an African atmosphere, presenting everything as an art piece. So obviously a lot of people were "touched" by this artist and what he wanted to do, which is a complete self-deception. Why? Let's be self-honest:

Let's first have a look at why death of this artist made his work a lot more popular and "heart-touching" for a lot of people. If we look at how many others are trying to help those in need in a similar way today, there is almost nothing to be heard of them and no one dares to help them to come up with solutions for our common global problems, or give them an award. But when one of such people dies, now that's a great entertaining story for the wealthy, who have the time to "notice" it and use it for self deceiving entertainment. They go: "Oh, he was such a good man! What a sad story, he is a great inspiration to us, what a piece of art! Let's give him an award!", and the next day or even 10 minutes after that, they absolutely don't give a shit anymore about the artist, his art, his work or all the facts about the abuse on this world that the artist exposed and tried to correct and do something about it. And these "inspired observers of art" don't even realize that they themselves are a part of all this abuse and that they themselves help to perpetuate it every day. So, while this artist actually tried to do something about the world starvation and abuse of life (let's not focus right now on the fact that his solutions were a complete failure because he didn't consider all the facts of reality, but just his own ego desire while doing it), most of other artists just expose the abuse and horrors that we as people accept and allow in this world every day and don't even bother to look for and present a solution for these problems.

Now we at Desteni are all about practical solutions to make this world a better place, best for all actually, and we already have a lot of practical solutions that are proven to work on an individual level. Do we get any awards? Of course we don't because we're not making a show for the rich people who want to entertain themselves with "heart-touching" stories and art pieces. The real art is to be self-honest and to constantly correct self to do what is Best for All Life, everything else is just an entertainment and a waste of time, because people try to deceive self and avoid self-responsibility by, for example, visiting Venice Biennale and have a good entertaining life while most of the world suffers because no one gives a damn. Oh sorry, we do give a damn at an art exhibition where we see a German artist trying to do something and then dieing doing it. Yes, that is very touching and entertaining and those 5-10 minutes when we look at his art we actually give a damn in our MIND. How about DOING something about it PRACTICALLY? Don't say you don't know what and how when I explain to you the second time that we at Desteni already have and apply solutions that are Best for All and that will ensure a Dignified Life for All. It is time for use to get self-honest and stop deceiving ourselves. Explore the Equal Money System and the Desteni'I'Process course, they are our way to a world that is Best for All Life in all ways.

Of course Venice, the city on water, is a big entertainment in itself for all of us top 10% rich people who can afford to visit it and don't have to worry about money, hunger and abuse every day. Imagine for a minute how much trash is produced by millions of tourists that come to Venice every year to have a fun experience and enjoy the spending of "hard earned" money. Most of the products that end up as trash are being produced in the poor countries of the world where modern slaves still work up to 12 hours a day, so that we, the top 10% rich people of the world, can buy a souvenir or some other piece of trash in order to feel "happy". And still we are not even close to happy, because we are always limited by money, even if we have it too much. Why? Is it any good if we have loads of money when others don't? Just look at all the absurds and unacceptable things that exist everywhere around us, just because there isn't enough money for everyone. Crime, poverty, poor products, poor infrastructure, miserable people, dangerous decaying buildings ... We can see all of this, not just in Venice, but everywhere. What good is it when you are rich and then have to worry all the time about someone robbing you or killing you just for some change or in some other way taking the money away from you because we allow competition? In an Equal Money System we will ensure everyone a Dignified Life by unity and working together instead of competition and so we will be able to start to trust each other, knowing that wherever we go, we will be safe and able to take care of self because all of the people will have enough money to live in Dignity and no one will be able to take that away. And with this we will be able to sort out all of the above problems and even more. We will have time to do what we enjoy, to alway produce the best possible things that enrich our lives and make it easier. No one will care about souvenirs and similar trash as one will realize that we are all able to visit any place we want and when we want it, because money will no longer be our limitation, but a tool for making our life easier and enjoyable.

Another example of how self-deceptive we as humans are is this: When we were waiting for our boat to get back to the mainland we observed some black people that are trying to survive by selling purses and souvenirs and such on the streets to the passing tourists. They are mostly migrants from Africa and other countries so they have no other choice but to try and survive in ways like this. Of course street selling is prohibited by law in Italy as sellers don't pay any taxes because they barely get enough money to survive. Then some policemen came and start chasing these people up and down the streets, trying to scare them away and make them pay for the "crime" of trying to survive. And what did most of the people (tourists with money) do when they noticed this? They watched and laughed and had a good time. Exactly what they came to Venice for, isn't it? To have a good, happy and entertaining time because they can while others are poor and in pain and while the poor slaves from all over the world enabled us, the rich tourists, to live with enough money to do so. Aren't we great? Let's give ourselves some awards for our life styles and presents for Christmas, we deserve to have a good time now and then for all our good work we're doing, don't we?

How about getting self-honest and taking back self-responsibility for what we do every day in order to start participating in solutions that are actually, practically Best for All and that will ensure a Dignified Life for all, ending all the abuse of Life once and for all?

Join Destonians, support the Equal Money System, make sure that we work together in building a world where everyone will be able to visit a place like Venice and have a good time all the time, because we All deserve it, not because we can laugh at other people that are less fortunate. Let us be the true artists of Life and perfect ourselves in the art of what is practically Best for All Life. Then everything we will make will truly be an amazing piece of art and our reward will be a Dignified, enjoyable life we will All be part of Equally.

 The Design of Art