Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 - Will my children be the boss? - Equal Money System FAQ

Children today are definitely not treated equally. Usually parents treat them as their "rightful property" and so they think and believe they can do with their kids whatever they feel is right, even if that means religion and/or cultural brainwashing and abuse, violence or whatever the parents do with their kids behind the closed doors in their homes. Of course all this situations are mostly the result of lack of money and poverty, which also often leads to family alcohol problems, or parents not being able to be with their kids as they have to work all day. And the fact that a lot of times people have kids unexpectedly when they are not ready yet and have no idea about how to be a good example for their kids in order to teach them how to be a self-honest, trustworthy, doing-what-is-Best-for-All human being. In an Equal Money System all these and other problems will be addressed and eventually taken care of in a way that is best for all. First of all, no one will have to work all day to get money for their children as children will also get their equal money and so, parents will actually be able to spend time with their kids. Alcohol will eventually not be allowed anymore in an Equal Money System as it is used today purely for denying ones self-responsibility and to make excuses, and a lot of accidents and family abuse happens because of it. Alcohol is not best for all in no way what so ever and if you cannot live happily without it, you will be helped by professionals that actually care about you and they will assist you in becoming a healthy, trustworthy, equal human being that doesn't need drugs to be "happy".

So the point is that we will learn how to be equal with children and how to actually listen to them and hear what they are saying and we will learn from them as much as they will from us "adults". Not like today, when parents enforce their beliefs onto their children no matter what, as they are afraid that a child won't survive if they don't do so. This is completely unacceptable. So, this is the time where we can all look at ourselves in self-honesty and see if we act as superior when we are with children or do we act as their equals? If you believe that you have to be superior in order to enforce what you believe is right onto them, then of course you will be scared of the idea of treating your children as your equals, and you will probably even see this as if your children will be the boss. So, in this case you obviously fear that you won't be able to control your children which leads to abuse anyways because your starting point is control and domination, instead of equality, where you teach your kids by being a practical example to them. When money is not a problem, we will all have a lot of time to raise the children and learn how to do it in a way that is Best for All.

So, start dealing with your fears right now (we have a lot of tools to help you with), because in an Equal Money System your children will be as much of a boss to you as you will be to them, because no abuse will be tolerated and if a problem will occur where it will be obvious that you are incapable of treating your children with equal dignity, an intervention will happen and you will be assisted to make the necessary self-corrections that need to be done, so that you will know and understand how to raise your children without abuse. This is what is best for all and this is what everyone of us would want if our parents would abuse us as children.

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