Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 - Every human behavior that cause harm and is motivated by money will end with Equal Money - Life in EMS

The way of life in an Equal Money System will reflect the understanding of every human being that we are all self-responsible for our actions and thoughts and will be based on humans that practically corrected self as One as Equal with Life, doing what is Best for All. Money will no longer be a motivation but just a tool for Equal Dignity. There will be no need whatsoever for one to be violent or abusive and such behavior will be prevented and/or treated immediately when someone will show the slightest intention of doing something that is harmful to other forms of Life or self. Everyone will be assisted to have the best Life experience possible in a way that will never cause abuse or harm.

Most of the abuse today happens because people are blinded with profit and because one cannot survive without taking money from someone else. Most of the people don't even have a chance to actually earn enough money for a dignified life and so they try to survive with whatever means possible, even if this means abuse and hurting another. People don't even have time to stop for a bit and realize that all of this abuse in the world is actually encouraged through the rules of money. So, start breathing effectively and with awareness of what is here in every moment as physical Life and realize how simple it is for all to live in dignity. All that each one of us has to do is to practically correct self to always do what is Best for All, to treat everyone as One an Equal as Life and to give to all as one would like to receive. This is simple common sense. Abuse and harm is not acceptable and all of this will end with Equal Money, especially the abuse that is motivated by money, because there will be no profit and people will be unable to have control over and/or influence another human being through money.

Equal Money is what we all want and it's an ingenious system that values Life itself and nothing else. There has never been such a great system of support anywhere else before. Find out more and join the unstoppable drive of Life in practical Oneness and Equality.

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  1. Yes, currently pople are motivated by fear of loosing money instead of doing what is best for all.