Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 - My first day at work

I got a job as a computer engineer and here is a non surprising point I observed (again) about capitalism:

My co-worker was talking on the phone with someone about ordering some replacement LCD monitors and he expressed his amazement about the fact that the ones that were used broke down so fast. He couldn't understand why this happened, because there were a lot of LCD monitors in the company before and all lasted much longer.

Why did they broke down so fast? Because of the planned obsolescence.

Yes, the human civilization has "evolved" and "advanced" so much that the corporations now specifically design products to break down in a couple of years so that we have to buy new stuff, because no one can survive without profit. So, most people don't even see this point, let alone the consequence of it, which is millions of tons of created waste and garbage every year, the abuse of resources, the abuse of Earth, the abuse of human labor and Life in general and the enormous energy consumption. This is unacceptable, because we know how to make most things last more than 100 years and so we can all have accessible and top quality products that are 100% recyclable, all we have to do is to stop with the madness of profit and loss, the madness of egoism and capitalism, the madness of self-dishonesty.

Be self-honest and support the Equal Money System that will actually support Life and what is Practically Best for All. Stop the self-deception and stop whining about everything. Start correcting yourself first and make sure that you always support what is Best for All Life: Equal Money System.

Learn more about the Equality System that will ensure a Dignified Life for All by reading the FAQ books and listening to interviews, join the Desteni forums and be an example to others. Stand as Life, stand as what is Best for All, be the proof that you understand the Equality of Life. Everything else is a waste of everything.

Whatever profession you are in, whatever job you do, how can you continue, in self-honesty, to be the same, to live your life the way you always did and at the same time see that everything is designed to brake, that everything is designed to abuse Life, that all the world systems are promoting greed, poverty, deception and slavery? Are you actually so brainwashed that you cannot stand up for what is Best for All Life? Have you already become the complete capitalistic system robot? If you cannot change who you are, if you cannot change yourself to always stand for Life and what is Practically Best for All, then you are not worthy of Life and so you will die and be forgotten. And those of us who find the strength and the courage to BE the CHANGE, to STAND for what is BEST for ALL LIFE, we will work together and EXPOSE ALL the LIES and ALL the ABUSE of LIFE and we will bring about a world where All live in Dignity and where All Life is treated Equally. This is what we will do until it is done! Rejoice Life, all abuse is coming to an end and we stand as the practical examples that every one of us CAN and WILL STAND for LIFE and What is Best for All, at all times, no matter what!

Join us and become a practivist if you dare to give as you would like to receive. Join us at and As One as Equal we are here to stay and nothing can stop Life and what is Best for All.

YOU can ONLY really CHOOSE ONCE. So, what will it be? Are you standing up for Life and What is Best for All or are you a system robot that stands as the abuser and as the problem of this world? Stop whining, start self-correcting and actually birth yourself as Life Here, give as you would like to receive and stop wasting everyone's time! And stop whining and stop with all the back-chat! It's what system robots do!

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