Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 - Week-end / strong beginning

A few days ago Valentin, Barbi, Vitan, Ajda and me went to the Zeitgeist meeting in Maribor to see how they are doing and if we can assist each other in any way. It was funny since at the beginning there were actually more Destonians at the meeting than Zeitgeisters. In the end we were somewhat equal in number. We had a nice chat, shared perspectives and ideas and more or less concluded that we have similar goals and that we should find a way to assist each other where we can, for example one suggested that when one of us organizes an event we could all be there, presenting both ideas and perspectives and then people could decide where they want to contribute and so forth. Although I see and realize that The Venus project ideas presented through Zeitgeist are not taking into consideration everyone equally and that the very important practical part of taking care of ones own bullshit before trying to change the world are mostly absent and thus their proposals will not solve anything, I am still interested in establishing a connection with them since they are mostly (at least in Slovenia) very open minded for ideas and suggestions on how to make Earth a better place for all. We'll see how it goes and if we can assist each other.

The other meeting Valentin, Barbi and me participated in was much more fascinating to me. We met with a few people who are already doing the process as we call it at Desteni for quite some time now with a help of a kid that is actually a son of one of the man we met. He is able to see the auras or systems of people and objects and he can tell if you are lying and can practically know everything about you and what you accept and allow through mind consciousness system. He doesn't even have to be near you as you can for example send him a picture of you and he can tell what was your aura like at that moment. So they have realized lots of things about the world and people and they shared it with us and I realized that what they discovered is practically the same thing that Desteni is saying. Valentin also wrote something about it so you can also see his blog. I'm not going to talk about the same things. (I think he didn't explain the colors of the auras and their meaning completely right as they explained it to us but that's not important anyway).

So when we were chatting (we [I at least lol] were mostly listening at the beginning), I got this reaction coming up inside me where I get afraid to speak up or put attention onto myself because I fear being laughed at or something, I'm not sure yet and I find it hard to stop this reaction. And it is very annoying since my voice changes and I cant speak normally and my arms start to shake and stuff lol. Bernard said we'll try to deal with this system when Barbi and I come to the farm this summer which is great.
Also at the beginning of our chatting I wasn't sure yet if one of them can maybe also see our auras and know everything about me so I got this OMG feeling like what if they find something about me that even I don't know and then they'll judge me or something and I'll be ashamed, lolol. I'd say they are much more here in the breath as we are since they've been doing it for longer and had better tools to check their progress. It was interesting to me how I accepted and allowed myself to get this mind-fuck although I have nothing to hide from anyone as long as I know they will not abuse what I share lol. So yes, I have to deal with this fear of being abused or ashamed or something.

Meeting with this people was also a kind of confirmation to me that what Desteni presents is real because this people are independent and came to the same conclusions than Desteni. It's like now we have a cross-reference which is great. Everything also seems more real now to me since I met actual physical people who know about things that I only heard before over the Internet. Not that I doubt about the realness of people at Desteni lol, but it is quite a different experience if you can sit with a physical person and talk about these things, not just look at words and pictures on the computer screen. You kind of receive the information with all of your body not just through symbols.

So anyway we decided to meet again and I am looking forward to this since I see a great opportunity in this to support each other and also of course to work together to bring about solutions for this world like the Equal Money System.

In the end they also offered us to take a picture and get a reading from the kid if we want (he was not at the meeting). We didn't do it since we agreed that it's not really relevant and this was cool since we have to do our process by ourselves anyway and so relying on something outside of self is never a good idea. Thus self-honesty and self-corrective application is the way to go and the only way one can prove ones intentions as what is best for all is to stand by this principle at all times and openly share your doings so that everyone can see when you are bullshitting and when not.

Since stating this I'll use this opportunity, lol, to show here to myself and everyone that I failed at porn quite a few times, although I posted quite a few blogs ago that I'm not going to watch anymore.

So now I'm stating here as me to myself that I will never again watch porn and use it for masturbation. (I'm not making this a self defeat statement since someone can force me to watch porn or I can see it unintentionally lol). But the point is, I'm not going to use porn ever again for masturbation / while masturbating. And that's it. No self forgiveness and no nothing because I trust myself to stand by this statement. I realized that sometimes I (or we) just bullshit too much about a simple point. Decide and do it if it's best for all, how hard can it be? I'll see lol.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

I have watched the Zeitgeist: Moving Forward film and I have to say that it is one of the best documentary films I have ever watched because it dares to directly question and expose our current system of abuse that we accept and allow every day, but this is the point where 'one of the best' ends. Consider this:

Although there is an ideal solution proposed in a form of how things should be done (from a scientific point of view) in a way that is best for all, so that all would live a dignified life, there are no clear and directive steps being realized and worked on to actually create the change that is required to bring about the goal.

We are living here in physical reality where we have to invent and create practical solutions and consider our current situation to bring about what is best for all. That is only possible if we work together, as one, as equals. It is obvious in the end of the film that the authors have no actual understanding in terms of what is practically required from each individual to bring about what is best for all because of the following: The film ends showing how global protests are taking place where people take all of their physical money and literally throw it at the bank. And that's it. From there the viewer can only imagine how the society will somehow magically be transformed into a Venus Project kind of city urban environments. That is obviously not the solution. It is just a goal, presented with no understanding of how to make it real.

It is very simple. We have to work with the system, as the system in order to transform it as soon as possible because otherwise we will just be eliminated and seen as a threat. Waiting for enough people to realize that we are eradicating ourselves is not acceptable because in doing this we are actually waiting for ourselves, not taking our self responsibility (not being response-able) and blaming others for not changing and doing what needs to be done to bring about what is best for all. This will only be possible if each one of us self honestly redesigns self to always live by the principle of what is best for all. If that is not done, we will not be able to work and live together, as one, as equals and therefore, no solution for a better life will be possible. One can only do this when one is completely honest about self at all times because only then can one forgive self for what one accepted and allowed and let it go thus giving self the opportunity to redesign self and realign self to live by the principle of what is best for all. When one is not self honest, one accepts and allows thoughts and emotions to possess self which are always self-centered and thus allow and create separation between self and everything else which means that abuse will happen in one form or another.

People gathered together as a Desteni group realize and understand this and thus practically learn how to live in self honesty and in this transform self to always live by the principle of what is best for all. We learn how to always be self-directive, meaning, to never allow self to be influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions that originate from separation as ego because the consequence of accepting and allowing this in one self will always accumulate into acts that are self-centered and not best for all. For this purpose a life coaching program called Desteni'I'Process has been designed in a form of on-line course in order to effectively support every individual that is serious about self from the point of realizing what needs to be done practically to bring about what is best for all in all ways and take self responsibility to be and live the solution as one and equal withing the group, thus manifesting a system that supports all as one as equal, where all have a dignified life and each one can reach ones highest potential. Realize that this can only be done when all participate equally as one, accumulating what is best for all 1+1+1+1...

Also, while the Zeitgeist people in general realized that there is a big problem in the way money is being used today, they failed at remaining objective in working out a solution because they blamed the money to be bad and so creating a polarity of 'no money = good' which is obviously a delusion. Consider this:

Money is a tool that is very effective in dealing with goods and if it is used in the context of a system that is designed from the principle of what is best for all (= Equal Money System) then it is a part of the solution. Realize also that money in itself was never the problem, people are. So it is a mind-fuck if one would want to to eradicate money just because one never considered that it can in fact be used as a solution to the problem we face. That would be an act of complete ignorance. And it is contradictory for a Zeitgeister to make decisions out of a belief while in the same time supporting the scientific method and objectivity. This would be a complete self dishonest act.

And as I realized as one of the founding members of Zeitgeist Slovenija, this is the major problem of Zeitgeisters (like all other people), not wanting to face self and the world in complete self-honesty. Therefore as long as the Zeitgeisters will not realize and do this, they will not be able to contribute to the practical solution that needs to be lived by every individual as self to bring about what is best for all in all ways.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 - Sooner or later

Barbi (my partner) and I just had a discussion about going to Desteni farm together for a month this summer. I see it as a great opportunity to give ourselves a boost in support and some practical experience so that we will also be able to decide better about what direction to take in the future. I am currently writing my diploma from computer and information science and she is in the middle of her study of art pedagogy. So the point that was brought up was if we should go or not. I am definitely for it since I have managed to save enough money from shares I sold a while ago and I will also be working (student job) for the next few months so that we will also have some money saved when we come back. She pointed out that it is not common sense to go now since I don't have a job yet and we have quite an old car that could broke down and if we went we wouldn't have enough money to buy a new second-hand one. Also she said she's not ready yet, not enough in the process, that she can get the same support here at home over the Internet as she would there on the farm. I disagree with her since I see this as justifications for not taking responsibility for self and taking an opportunity to make the most out of it. Also the point of car breaking down and us having to buy a new one is just something that can always happen - you can never be sure or accident-proof. Sure we could wait another few years for me to get a job and her to finish school but the only reason for this is that then we would supposedly have more money. Maybe we will or maybe we wont. So now we have this dilemma which is more of her than mine and we decided to wrote a blog about it and maybe get another perspective.

I have been thinking of going to Desteni farm a few weeks now since Valentin decided to go and I realized that the only thing holding me back is lack of my self confidence from the perspective of doing everything that needs to be done before the trip. Like, earning some extra money and in the mean time finishing my diploma. After that I have to find a job anyway and I imagine it will only be harder to get a month break for the trip when I do. So the best time to go is now when I'm still a student and have time.
I noticed that I've build up some excitement from allowing myself to have some thoughts about going to the farm and how cool it will be to go for such a long and distant trip being with Barbi as a person to whom I am still obviously emotionally attached because we never actually been apart for a longer period of time since we first decided to be together. So I had a bit of a reaction when she started to say that she wouldn't like to go, giving the reasons why. But I stopped that quite effectively with breathing and letting go. So anyway, we have a situation here that we have to sort out and I am quite determined to go to the farm as I see this is the best to do for everyone. There is a tiny bit of self-doubt in me still but I see it as something constructive.

Anyway, if Barbi decides not to go I'll probably sponsor Vitan or Ajda to go with me if they will want, otherwise I'll go alone. That's the situation as I see it right now.

By the way, I read in the news that the quake in Japan was so strong it moved the axle of Earth for 25 cm, which will result in days being slightly shorter and effect the seasons (but not noticeably). It also moved parts of the main island of Japan for 2,5 meters. Maybe that's another reason for visiting Desteni farm rather sooner than later, who know what will move and how far when the next quake decides to show humanity how arrogant and abusive we have become.

Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 - I'm into something great - check it out - solve you problems NOW!

I've been doing it for quite some time and it works, I promise, it's the best thing you'll ever do in you whole life!

So what am I talking about? A few years ago I found out how to deal with personal stuff, you know, the things that bother you on yourself or others, like fears and judgments and everything that you experience as 'bad' and have an unpleasant feeling about. It's all very simple. First you have to slow down - like, slow down you mind, thoughts and everything - and just be here, breathing, feeling your breath and your body. (Don't meditate that's retarded...) Now stay in this mode like forever. LoL I know it's like WTF but you can do it, believe me, you just need to practice it.

So while in this mode of being physically here all the time (not in your mind but here = physically), you can actually see your thoughts and how they pop up in your head. Now here's the trick; realize: you are not your thoughts! Yes, you are the one allowing them to pop up in your head, but - you are not your thoughts! You can stop them and it's simple: self-forgiveness. I'm sure you heard lots of times people saying you have to forgive someone or ask someone for forgiveness but that's just stupid. You have to forgive yourself! Your thoughts, fears, feeling, emotions, memories, everything! Because guess what? You'll still be here after doing so. You won't die, you won't go anywhere, you won't stop to remember, you won't become a retard or a zombie (please, give me a break) you'll still be right here, fully functional and enjoying yourself! Don't believe me, just try it out, I'm telling you! It works. The best way to do it is to write your thoughts and shit that pops up in your head and makes you feel bad or limits your expression - like self-judgments, self-definitions, traumatic memories, whatever... - you write it all down on a paper or blog or whatever and you do self-forgiveness. Check out my blog (you're reading it), you will find some examples. I'm telling you, try it out, you'll be amazed!
But this is just the beginning. You can (and should) do this for every accepted and allowed self-definition you have ever made! Why? Because it's all crap, I mean seriously. Why would you believe that you are of a certain nationality for instance? You are life, you live, like a tree or a cat or a fly! Don't define yourself in your head with something that's not real. Be one and equal with everything that is here, physically. Life is so simple if you do this because you will not have a worry on you mind, ever again! Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I've tried it and it works! I'm not saying I'm a guru or something, I'm just saying it works and it's great. Just give yourself a chance, please, because we'll all have a better time here on Earth.

I'll explain some more: You don't have to worry what's going to happen tomorrow at work when you're at home because it's just not relevant. you just stay in the breath, here, wherever you are and don't go into thoughts. Forgive them, let them go and fade away. Stay here in the physical, be one and equal with what is here. What do I mean one and equal? It's simple, we are all one stuff, connected, out of atoms, sharing everything, you can see for yourself, be self honest. We are all one, never separated. And we are all equal in essence, we are life! Even rocks, I mean OK, they don't move and eat and shit but they are still here just like you. Sure they can't break a leg but that doesn't mean we should abuse them and destroy everything that apparently doesn't feel pain just because we can. That's stupid. Understand this and you'll be equal to the world and do what is best for all, always, because you will see yourself in everything! It's very simple; if you don't understand, read it again. If you have any reactions, thoughts coming up, forgive them! You are not your thoughts! You are life, don't waste it away by accepting and allowing your thoughts, feelings and emotions to possess you and guide you into doing things that are selfish, destructive and stupid. Abuse will always come back to you. It's all common sense, just be self honest.
Try it out, I dare you! Do you think I (or any decent human being) enjoy(s) watching people throwing garbage around and abusing animals and nature and each other and everything? Nobody does, but people are still doing it! Why? I just explained it to you. Because they are mind-fucked! They follow their thoughts, emotions, feelings, wants, desires, they get greedy, angry, sexually unsatisfied... just because they allow their thoughts to possess them and their feelings and emotions to possess them. Don't do it, get smart, forgive yourself.

In fact go and do it right now! Try it out, don't postpone, don't let yourself forget about it because you'll get lost again. In your head, in your thoughts, it's all illusion, not real. There are lots of people already doing it, check out the links on this site. I'm not saying I figured it all out and I'm now the master of this, I'm just sharing my experience here because it freaking works!
Imagine, we can change the world through changing self by simply applying self-forgiveness! Forgive yourself everything, start anew, be one and equal with all that is here and do what is best for all! With this you can change your-self and your attitude instantly! (OK maybe it will take you some time to forgive all your accepted and allowed self-limitations and self-definitions like "I'm a loser I can't do it" or "NO! I want to kill people!" or whatever but you can do it, everyone can! Just stay here breathing, no thoughts, no judgments, no feelings/emotions defining you. Just you here, one and equal!) If we show all people how to do this we can make heaven on Earth in no time! Focus on self first, the best way to show people is with your own example. Others will see the change in you, they'll notice the ease with which you live and solve problems, just by using common sense, what is here, what is best for all. OK, that's it for now.

Let me know when you try it! I'll help you out! Leave a comment or whatever, I'll write you back.

Also as I said, there are already a lot of people doing this and we also came up with some cool solutions that will help everyone on the world! Like The Equal Money System. Check it out:
It's so simple that people think it's impossible because they just react. They don't look at it with common sense and from the perspective of what is Best for All, they just react to their thoughts, feelings and emotions, fears and so on, and they don't realize that these things are all illusions in their heads! I'm sure you'll not do the same, now that I've explained the basic things to you. You'll see, what is Best for All is simple and practical, common sense, nothing to do with greed or feelings or fears ... Check it out, don't believe me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 - I'm without a job, you're next

In the last few weeks I have been looking for a job to earn some extra money while I'm writing my diploma. There is a system in place in Slovenia where if you are a student and would like to work, you have to work through one of the authorized agencies called Student Services where they provide you with a list of available jobs and if you get accepted they give you a piece of paper - student referral. Through that then your employer sends the money you earned, first to the Student Service and then they gave it to you and earn some money in the process.
Anyhow, I've been looking for a job and in the past there really wasn't a problem getting one but that has changed because everyone are running out of money because all are in debt to each other. That fact in itself shows you how retarded and abusive the current economic system is, which is actually us because we allow it the way it is. So more and more people are now starting to lose their jobs, increasingly. My father lost his job last year where he worked for more than 10 years and after searching for quite some time he managed to get a part time job as a salesman where he gets paid according to how much money he brings to the company which is obviously not enough for a decent salary. A few weeks ago my partners mother also got fired from a private company where she worked for more than 10 years because they are running out of money. Fortunately she managed to get a job (even better one) because of friends and connections. But for how long?
Finding a job with a decent salary is getting increasingly difficult because no one cares to look at the real problem. Have you? Do you even know where the money comes from and how it is made?
People will have to realize that we as individuals are responsible for how we accepted and allowed this abusive monetary system to exist. It is not something that cannot be changed, it is here because we help every day to keep it going. We support it and we stand as the abusers on this world every day, with every cent we earn and spend. It is obvious that the system is going to self-destruct and we with it, unless we
realize that the obvious solution for our problem is the Equal Money System where money is based on the value of Life instead of debt and where the principle is 'what is best for all', instead of greed, competition, deception, secrecy, exclusivity and abuse.
It is a very simple principle that can be grasped by every human, when one applies self honesty and self forgiveness. There is no better way to show this to people than to be an example and change self accordingly, to be one and equal with all Life and do what is Best for All.