Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 - Why does sex sell?

Because we are addicted to the energy experience of sex which means: we accept and allow ourselves to become possessed with sexual energy of lust and then we desire to release it through the explosion of ecstasy. Then we memorize it as something incredibly enjoying so when we see a commercial (or what ever) that reminds us of the previous experiences and we go crazy in our mind and blind ourselves with all kinds of imaginary mind activities that will hopefully build up our sexual energy again (and even more than before) because we want to release it again and feel high for a second! Yeah!
Now, this is really a good distraction for ones ego. If one constantly has this desire of a sexual experience in ones head, then one gets consumed by it and distracted with it all the time. And one becomes an idiotic robot that is easily controlled by impulses that stimulate sexual thoughts. That's what corporations like. They show a product, give a sexy lady next to it and the robot consumer gets activated, gives money and expects more sex.

"I see sexy lady - mind sex system activated - ah yes, uh, give you money, me system robot, need sex to recharge, yeaahh I pump it up and - explode! Feel good, feel god, very nice! This I call life but I'm not, me system robot need sex to recharge!" - LoL

This kind of behavior is extremely supported and encouraged through the current capitalistic money system of abuse. We're all brainwashed with sexuality as something separate from ourselves. Something that is sacred, special, intimate and also dirty, forbidden, shameful and what not. This will all change within an Equal Money System. Where first of all, sex will not be abused through money. No one will have to sell things through promoting sex because profit will not be in charge of anything - profit won't exist. Things will be made with consideration of What is Best for All, not what is best for profit. And people will be Equals, and women won't have to bribe rich guys with sex to live in luxury because All will have a Dignified Life - in fact, all will be able to live a life of a millionaire! And SEX will just be a point of self expression instead of self-abuse through mind possessions. But we have a lot of self-honesty to go through until then. This is a process we will all go through - if we like it or not. We can either make an interesting experience for ourselves while walking this process or design our own hell of self-deception. If you like the first option, visit the following site and join us on the journey of creating a new world that is Best for All (while earning some serious money!):

Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 - Fleeing Migrants from North Africa

We can hear in the news how people from North Africa are trying to get into the EU. Why is that? They want to have a Dignified life and for that we all need Money. People in the EU obviously have lots of it in comparison with people in Africa. So what would you do if your country was a wreck, no money, no jobs, protests all around, army, people fighting, shooting each other, not enough food... and then you hear about this place not too far away where everything seems loaded with money, sugar, spice and everything nice? Try your luck there, why not...
So how the fuck did we create a world where there are some parts of it with all the luxury and at the same time even more places where nothing seems to work right? What's the thing that makes the difference between a rich country and a poor country? Money! Money is a creation of man, that means we allow and accept the rules of money that currently exist. Let's remember what are the rules:

- You need money to live or you die.
- Only special institutions can print legal money.
- If someone wants that money one needs to borrow it and later pay it back with interest because that's just how we agree it must be.

Wait, what? How the fuck do you do that? This means that the first one who borrows the money needs to return back more money than there is in existence!

Full stop, what the hell, serious fucking problem here, no common sense whatsoever. What did we realize? No matter how we toss the money around we're always in debt and so have to abuse each other all the time because we don't want to be and must not be in debt and for that we need to grab all the money we can from somewhere to pay back the interest which means someone else is in even greater debt. Why do we all agree to this? Are we insane!? Are we going to say that this is all we can do, that we don't know how to come up with a better system? One that is Best for All for a change not just best for ego trippers? Have you ever heard of The Equal Money System? How about checking it out and joining a group that actually cares for Life on this planet? Practical solutions that take care of All Life Equally must be lived and supported by all who understand and realize self as Life and by those who at least think of themselves as Life. Otherwise one just shows one doesn't care for anything but one's own ego trip and such individuals just cannot expect to be tolerated by anything that is Life and alive.

Equal Money System
Support the Equal Money System and check out the Desteni'I'Process. Stand up and stand for All Life! Let's stop all of this money bullshit related business like wars, migrations, hunger and abuse by forgiving ourselves for what we have done, accepted and allowed and give each other a Dignified Life through Equal Money for All. If we don't, things will just get worse and worse and worse and horrible and unbearable and hellish for ALL!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 - Elections - Is it pointless to vote?

I was thinking about elections and voting since we have a lot of referendums in Slovenia right now. Should I vote? Does it change anything? I came to a simple conclusion which I explain in the video.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 - Stop mind possession with self-aware breathing

Yesterday while I was at work I allowed myself to use my mind to entertain myself which is a bad idea. It started with the thought that it is Friday which I connected with fun and excitement so I allowed myself to experience this feelings which kind of charged my mind systems even more. Then I allowed myself to think about and imagine a certain thing that I defined interesting and exciting the day before when I saw it in a store. It was a Nintendo 3DS. So the point of it was to experience even more the feeling of excitement. And then the song came up: Land Down Under (I'm listening to it right now, lol). I started to sing it in my mind and then I couldn't stop and I really started to get on my nerve, lol. I wanted to stop but after a while I just automatically began to sing it again and then I got irritated even more, lol. I was really feeling possessed by the power of my own mind and it was a bit scary. But then I remembered this great tool that one also learns in Desteni'I'Process which is 4-count breathing. Anyways the thing is that one focuses on ones own breathing and by doing this with awareness one can stop the mind completely. So this is what I did and it is really effective. I just focused on the breath and I stopped the mind. It is important that one always stays here in the physical with the awareness of ones own breathing because otherwise one just gets completely possessed by the mind by ones own acceptance and allowance. Make sure you never possess yourself with the mind because you'll design your own imaginary nightmare and go mad. The best way to make sure how to live effectively without all the mind crap is to join the Desteni'I'Process where you get all the support about the practical application of self-honesty living and doing what's best for all at all times. Have a look at the web-page, you'll get all the info there. I'm doing the course and it's the best there is.