Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 - Wise or full of delusion?

“If we could only be, just be,
we could see our infinity.
We could see that we are the all."
by Lester Levenson

What we have here is an "interesting" statement that has nothing to do with common sense or practical reality. The author here suggests in the first line that he among others is unable to just simply be here, focused on the every here moment in the physical in every breath. This means he's always lost somewhere in the mind with all the wants, desires, wishes, emotions etc. We can see how this is the problem of every single human being today as people are obviously somehow unable to take self-responsibility for their own thoughts, feeling and emotions, to stop them and just be here in the physical, doing what's best for all. People kind of lost the ability to be self-honest as Life here and to not allow any pre-programmed thoughts, feelings and emotions to limit and guide them so they just live like robots, never really being aware that we're all responsible for what we do and create, together with all the abuse that exists in the world. So anyway, author here tries to be "smart" somehow and "deep" with the idea that if we could just be here (which is no problem really, you just stop all the mind bullshit and live here in every breath) we would see our infinity. This here is some heavy delusional stuff because even when we're not just here we're able to see that we're physically limited in what we are as human beings. So this infinity that the author is talking about obviously came out of his mind delusion. Proving again that he's not here breathing but trying to come up with some "deep" and "profound" material to deceive himself with. And he finishes with the idea that we could see that we are the all. This statement lacks a word that makes all the difference. When we are here we can see that we are responsible for all. All that is here, starting with ourselves. So you see, common sense is always better than trying to be smart, deep and profound or whatever because it focuses on practical things and practical solutions. No mind delusion required. So I would recommend to all to stop using the mind as it is all self-delusion and self-deception. I've been using the tools of self-forgiveness and self-correction for a while now and I can see things a lot clearer now than I could ever before, just because I stopped defining and looking the world through my pre-programmed mind. I can see that the author here tried to say something that would make people realize something but he failed miserably as he looked at things through the delusions of his own mind. That's unfortunate, so here's the solution: be self-honest, use self-forgiveness and do self-correction and stand up as Life here in Common Sense as this is the only way to be happy with self and live in a way that is best for all. Find out more about how Destonians are doing this by reading the 1st blog book we've made: Freedom Blogs - The Birth of Practivism. Here's the link:

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  1. Yeap, it would be better for the author to think less and breathe more ;)