Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 - I can change the World

Humans don't want to accept the fact that all things in creation are equal because that would mean that one cannot be special and privileged in any way. That would make any competition, bullying and unequal money distribution look stupid and unnecessary. Winners don't want that, people with lots of money don't want that, abusers don't want that. And we ARE all of that. We want to win so we compete, instead of working together as equals. We want to have more money than others because then we can show how 'better' and exclusive we are and then we try and hide the fact that we don't care about other people, who work for us as slaves and die because we ab-use then to our personal benefit. We will go to great lengths to try and prove that we are not responsible for others. We all abuse other people like that, we all abuse nature and Earth to make more money. We all try so much to prove that we cannot change, that we are this way because we don't have a choice, because we don't want to choose to be honest with ourselves. We don't want to stand up and be responsible for all as one as equals. We point fingers and blame everyone else instead of looking at ourselves and changing ourselves to do what is Best for All. This is who we accepted and allowed ourselves to become and this is what we teach our children. But being self-honest, the 'we' is always shaped by a lot of 'I's. If only one 'I' changes to do what is Best for All, then the self-dishonesty of everyone else gets obvious. And the 'I's start to realize their self-deception and see that what is Best for All is what is Best for All. And so the self-honest I's work together in self-honesty, in self-correction, in self-perfection until all the I's do what is Best for All - or die trying. This is what we do through the Desteni'I'Process. We are the future of the World without abuse, where everyone are Equals in Oneness and Equality. We make the solutions that are Best for All real for everyone Equally. Join us!

Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 - Consumerism is a mental disease and we all have it

When we observe ourselves self-honestly we can see that we are addicted to consumerism. Every now and then (which is usually very often) we get the urge to buy ourselves something new, just to feel good. It starts with thinking about what we like and would like to have and then we build the excitement through our thoughts about a product. In the end we allow ourselves to get consumed by this energy mind possession until we just go and buy it because then we feel good and it's exciting to use the new product, for a while. Then we start at the beginning. We allow ourselves to get brainwashed with our own desires and wants that are actually not real because we make them up in our head as we separate ourselves from the point that we want to get when we buy a product. For example when we want to buy a new piece of cloths because we think we'll look good in it - we just separated ourselves from 'beauty' because we define ourselves as not good enough and ugly and we put the value and definition of beauty into a piece of clothes. We then mind-fuck ourselves into thinking that we will only achieve beauty - that is not real, just a definition in our head that we made up ourselves - if we buy and wear the piece of clothes that apparently makes us beautiful or sexy or what ever. And we become a complete system robot! We do this all the time with everything. And in this we don't consider anything else but our ego personality, our desires and wants and we do all kinds of nasty things, just to get what we want, which is basically money. It's time to stop because otherwise our ego will make us all suffer really bad until we realize there's just no other way but to stop with all the abuse of ourselves and each other. I am not going to wait to be stopped by reality. I know how to stop myself and you can too if you dare to be self-honest. Join the Desteni'I'Process, lets change ourselves and stand together by supporting each other in stopping all the abuse of Life. Lets start doing what is Best for All Life so that All can Live in Dignity. We as Destonians will not stop until this is done, until we all live as One as Equals. And don't fool yourself with the idea that we need all human beings to agree with this because we as human beings are such a small part of existence that we can actually be very happy and grateful to even still be here, taking into consideration how we still continue to abuse all and everything and each other just because of our huge egos, self accepted and allowed mind delusions, that we are apparently almighty and can so ignore everything we don't care about or just too sinful to correct ourselves into beings that always do what is Best for All. We have a lot to learn to correct all the bullshit we have accepted and allowed on this World throughout our existence. Better start learning and correcting ourselves now because there is no escape from it, not even death. Obviously the question at hand is always this: who does really care? Do human beings care about Life? Or do we only care about our ego mind-fucks, thinking only about what will we buy next time in order to get an energy boost of delusional happiness or sex or what ever thing that we are addicted to, but don't want to face and be self honest about. Do you really care about Life? Or are you a complete system robot, that just executes the self accepted and allowed mind programs every day until you will die and rot away forever?

Through the DIP one will learn how to remove one's accepted and allowed mind programming = ego. Only when this is done, one will be able to actually start living as One as Equal in a way that is Best for All, meaning not harming or abusing Life. But how can one explain this to a system robot? Some human beings have a really hard time realizing this, let alone doing something about it.

I chose self-honesty, I chose Life and what is Best for All. And I can stand by my principle always. This is the difference between Life and a self-destructive, ego-driven, life-abusing system robot.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System!