Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 - Why not then simply going for resource based economy? - Equal Money System FAQ

A litle something about money: As we know from history, money was invented from a practical reason, because it was easier to carry around a bag of coins that you could trade for anything you wanted, instead of carrying around 10 bags of potatoes, if you were a farmer, and then hoping that the seller of a product you want will by chance agree to trade it with you for your potatoes. So, money in itself is just a great tool that makes buying things easy, if it is used the right way. Definitely much easier than trying to figure out how to pay for products with raw things that are first of all, hard to carry around with you.

The resource based economy is an economy where any kind of money/credit is a no-no and all the products and goods would simply (?) be distributed to everyone and mostly produced by machines. The problem with this is that a resource based economy still considers our planet and nature as a resource for humans to exploit and deplete, as if the human is the most important thing. You see, trying to solve the problem with technology alone isn't going to solve anything, because technology has never been the real problem. But the human on the other hand... Now we're getting really close to the core of the problem. We need a big slap in the face, time to wake up and stop dreaming! Now, why is technology not a problem? We can go to the Moon but not take care of the 1 billion starving? Time for humanity to redefine advancement... Realize that within an Equal Money System we look at and work with redefining ourselves to be one and equal with nature and all that is here and to consider everyone equally, where we work in accordance to what is Best for All, not just humans. Give what you would like to receive. This is a process of realigning self that every one of us will go through as we gradually transform the world system of abuse into a system of support that is Best for All Life.

Many that suggest the resource based economy will try to argue that money is the root of the problem, the root of all evil and that whenever money will be used, it will lead us back to the same point of greed. This only shows that one does not understand and realize that money in itself is just a tool and that we as human beings are the root of all evil. Therefore, as we humans has shown to ourselves, we need extensive support in self-honesty, education and self-correction, so that we will realign self according to what is Best for All. This means that we will gradually have to implement a system that will offer such support to all and that will transform the capitalistic, profit-driven system of abuse into a Life supporting system, where all live equally and according to what is Best for All. The first necessary step for this is an introduction of a Basic Income Grant that will still work according to the rules of capitalism, but will at the same time allow people to stop worrying about survival, so that we can start educating ourselves and working toward the solution that is Best for All. We will get money for the BIG from the corporations and any other resources that generate high profits and give it back to the people where it actually belongs in the first place. But this is just a temporary solution that will enable us to do the next thing, the real thing that's even bigger: to implement an Equal Money System.

All we have to do to make the EMS work is to realize that equality and practical common sense is what is Best for All and to transcend our fears that are based on our ideas and beliefs about ourselves. This will enable every one of us to make the necessary practical self-correction, meaning, every one of us will start practically living the solution that is Besto for All. With this we will remove all the accepted and allowed preprogrammed patterns and self-limitations and reeducate ourselves to live here in this moment, to consider practicality and create self-certainty that we will always do what is practically Best for All Life. For this to happen, we have to get self-honest and apply self-correction and forgive ourselves for all the abuse that we accepted and allowed as ourselves and as our world. Humans are the core of the problem and no one can correct you, you can only correct yourself with self-direction.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone is treated equally and with dignity, not just human beings (!), and to prevent all abuse. Thus we have to make sure that the basic necessities for a dignified life - like food, shelter, cloths, water, electricity etc. - are distributed and available to everyone equally. The easiest and the most practical way to do this in the current reality (capitalism) is to implement BIG, where all will get an equal amount of money for the basic needs. This will diminish the pure fight for survival which will give us time to implement an actual all-new system that is Best for All: the Equal Money System. You have to realize that money in an Equal Money System will work very differently, because all money will be digital and there will be no profit/trade. The system will work according to the information you provide for the system and will mostly work automatically, thus eliminating the chance of someone abusing it. And as everyone will get equal money, any even slightest anomalies will be immediately recognized and taken care of, so no one will be able to abuse through money.

I suggest everyone to consider what is already here and how we can use what is already here in a way that is Best for All. There is no point in having an idea that sounds great, if there is no practical way to implement it and if it would never work anyway, because it doesn't recognize the real problem, which is us, human beings with our preprogrammed self-limitations and self-dishonesty. We firstly have to consider what is HERE and implement practical solutions that are Best for All Life in a way that is practically achievable and in a way where every individual can help by becoming a living example of the practical solutions. This is what we learn through the Desteni'I'Process, how to firstly help self to become a practical example of the solutions that are Best for All. So, realize, we have to firstly correct ourselves and apply our self-correction in our everyday life in order to bring about a permanent change that is Best for All, because all our actions accumulate. Thus every one of us has to get self-honest and go through one's individual process of self-forgiveness and practical self-correction. And at the same time, everyone has to learn how to work in a group of equals, where all work together to bring about the change and the system that is Best for All Life - the Equal Money System. And this is what Desteni group is. And know this: even the Equal Money System is not our final goal, but it is the most important step in creating Heaven on Earth for Everyone Equally. Get involved, become self-directive and stand as an equal. Be equal to Life in Oneness and Equality and stand with the group as an example of what Life really is and what it actually means to care about Life and what is Best for All. No one can do it for you.

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