Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 - How will the collaboration between management and product producers function in an EMS? - Equal Money System FAQ

In an EMS every step of product production and distribution will be monitored and the information will be gathered in centers of management, where appropriate decisions will be made according to the collected real-time data, on a regional and also the global scale. The goal of management will be to always make sure that firstly, everyone has equal access to products that are necessary for a Dignified Life and secondly, that luxury products are being available. We will create a system where all the relevant data will always be available so that people who will manage the system will always be able to make logistical decisions that are best for all and thus we will make sure that everyone is taken care of and that no part of the world is in a state of lack. We will automate the process as much as possible in order to eliminate all possible human error and so most of the time, people will just monitor if the system works as it should. And where a decision will have to be made, it will be cross-referenced all the time and it will only be based on the real measurable data that will be collected in real-time from the world, so egoistic opinions will not be considered or tolerated at all. People will be trained to do the job and tested for their integrity, if they are actually capable of making decisions based on facts and not their made up opinions and beliefs. All decision making will always be open for everyone to see and so as soon as someone will notice that a proposed solution is not best for all, it will be dismissed and a new solution will be found. So the management will supervise the system of equal distribution of products and services and give producers of the products directions in regards of how much of a product should be produced and what quantities should be sent to specific destinations and similar.

The producers themselves will be focused on designing and manufacturing the products that are needed for the basic needs like food and clothes and they will also make luxury products. They will make sure that the products are made with the highest possible quality and that enough of them are being made according to the needs of people and what is best for all, which will be monitored by the management. So they will all work as one and make sure that everything is synchronized according to what is practically best for all.

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