Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 - Nationalism and Separation = Crime Against Life

People tend to identify themselves through the language they speak which leads to nationalism and separation. This is all self deception because nationalism is an idea that people hold on to inside their thoughts/mind. It is an idea that people are supposedly "separated"/"divided" through the language they speak. Obviously people don't understand each other if they speak a different language but that only means that they make different sounds for the same things and nothing else. Why would we hate and separate each other just because of that? It is the same thing as wearing different color clothes. Why would one fear, oppose or hate someone else who wears different color/type of clothes when the only point of it is to stay warm? Practicality people! It is stupid to promote different languages and "nationalities" while all we want to practically do is to understand each other. Thus it is best for all to learn a common language like English to be able to communicate with each other. Whether one knows more languages, that's just fine. But look at what happens when people identify themselves through egoistic nationalism, they go mad and hate each other and kill each other. Why do we allow this?! It is pure stupidity. Everything based on separation such as nationalism should be recognized as a crime against Life, not just humanity, as the consequences of separation are only hate, greed, egoism and all other sorts of abuse.

Then we have culture separation, skin color separation, gender separation .....etc......etc......etc.....
We have to realize that every separation comes from our thoughts/mind and is not actually real. We are all the same, even if we look differently or whatever. We're all Life, so why don't we just stop fucking ourselves with all our mind-created, imaginary self-definitions?
And the biggest separation today is created through capitalism as every one thinks that their ego is worth more than anyone else's ego because of this and that and this and that.... so then we go and try to steal from each other as hard as possible by making laws of capitalism that support it because the ego of man is incapable of common sense. What the fuck? Why don't we just get rid of ego crap and do what is Best for All Life because guess what? What's best for All Life is Best for YOU. Wow.

"I was born in a bloodline I deserve to be a king!" ... "Yes, my lord, oh how unworthy we are, your ego bullshit is so great!" ... "Yes, now be my peasants, you don't deserve equality!" ... "Yes, thank you your royal grace, we need you to enslave us with your super ego!" What the fuck?

"My parents were rich and I got their money so now I'll buy your corporation and be your master!" ... "Yes, we agree, you have all the credentials and money numbers on paper, we shall accept you as our leader and support your ego by allowing you to take billions of dollars from us because your ego is so amazingly skilled and almighty and we are ashamed of ourselves in your presence." ... "Very good, your brainwash is complete, you don't deserve equality because I want to be rich and I want you to be poor" ... "Yes this is completely acceptable, you speak such smart words, we are grateful." What the fuck?

Self-honesty, self-correction, supporting what is Best for All Life = join Desteni, stop ego bullshit. Because we're seriously not interested in watching anyone suffer while we know the answer that's Best for All. What's that, you do want to suffer? Haven't joined us yet? Haven't started to do self-forgiveness and self-correction yet? Wow, aren't you a smart one, your ego is truly your master that makes you suffer and obviously you don't want to take self-responsibility yet. That's just fine, we'll be able to use you as a clear example of what stupidity and self-deception is for the time being.

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