Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - End of Illusions

The end of all our mind illusions is coming. We have been living in our heads, in our minds, where we imagined ourselves as the super heroes and where we built our own imaginary relationships of love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong - all illusions. All of it is coming to an end as reality and nature will force us more and more to look at what is Here, what is Real and to consider All that is Here Equally. Never before have we as human beings taken self-responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Never before have we considered what is Here and what is Practically Best for All Life. We have been living in our minds, our dream worlds, where we accepted and allowed all sorts of abuse that exists today in our reality. We have separated ourselves from what is Here and turned away from those that need help and are abused. We are still turning away from those that we abuse, because all we see is our personal gain, our personal well being. We became robots that are enslaved to our own good feelings. Did we actually believe that there will never come a time where all our illusions will end? Where we will all have to face everything that we accepted and allowed throughout the history of mankind? This time is here and there is no one left to blame. We are all guilty. Guilty of ignorance, guilty of abusing Life and each other. We can run but we cannot hide because we accepted and allowed abuse everywhere. It is time to stop and to correct self, to forgive self and each other and to start living practically according to What is Best for All Life. This means self-change and self-direction. There is no other way but to face self as who we really are and to make sure that we will never again accept and allow any abuse. The only way we can to this is together, in oneness and equality. Join us, let's bring about what is Best for All Life!

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