Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 - I'm into something great - check it out - solve you problems NOW!

I've been doing it for quite some time and it works, I promise, it's the best thing you'll ever do in you whole life!

So what am I talking about? A few years ago I found out how to deal with personal stuff, you know, the things that bother you on yourself or others, like fears and judgments and everything that you experience as 'bad' and have an unpleasant feeling about. It's all very simple. First you have to slow down - like, slow down you mind, thoughts and everything - and just be here, breathing, feeling your breath and your body. (Don't meditate that's retarded...) Now stay in this mode like forever. LoL I know it's like WTF but you can do it, believe me, you just need to practice it.

So while in this mode of being physically here all the time (not in your mind but here = physically), you can actually see your thoughts and how they pop up in your head. Now here's the trick; realize: you are not your thoughts! Yes, you are the one allowing them to pop up in your head, but - you are not your thoughts! You can stop them and it's simple: self-forgiveness. I'm sure you heard lots of times people saying you have to forgive someone or ask someone for forgiveness but that's just stupid. You have to forgive yourself! Your thoughts, fears, feeling, emotions, memories, everything! Because guess what? You'll still be here after doing so. You won't die, you won't go anywhere, you won't stop to remember, you won't become a retard or a zombie (please, give me a break) you'll still be right here, fully functional and enjoying yourself! Don't believe me, just try it out, I'm telling you! It works. The best way to do it is to write your thoughts and shit that pops up in your head and makes you feel bad or limits your expression - like self-judgments, self-definitions, traumatic memories, whatever... - you write it all down on a paper or blog or whatever and you do self-forgiveness. Check out my blog (you're reading it), you will find some examples. I'm telling you, try it out, you'll be amazed!
But this is just the beginning. You can (and should) do this for every accepted and allowed self-definition you have ever made! Why? Because it's all crap, I mean seriously. Why would you believe that you are of a certain nationality for instance? You are life, you live, like a tree or a cat or a fly! Don't define yourself in your head with something that's not real. Be one and equal with everything that is here, physically. Life is so simple if you do this because you will not have a worry on you mind, ever again! Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I've tried it and it works! I'm not saying I'm a guru or something, I'm just saying it works and it's great. Just give yourself a chance, please, because we'll all have a better time here on Earth.

I'll explain some more: You don't have to worry what's going to happen tomorrow at work when you're at home because it's just not relevant. you just stay in the breath, here, wherever you are and don't go into thoughts. Forgive them, let them go and fade away. Stay here in the physical, be one and equal with what is here. What do I mean one and equal? It's simple, we are all one stuff, connected, out of atoms, sharing everything, you can see for yourself, be self honest. We are all one, never separated. And we are all equal in essence, we are life! Even rocks, I mean OK, they don't move and eat and shit but they are still here just like you. Sure they can't break a leg but that doesn't mean we should abuse them and destroy everything that apparently doesn't feel pain just because we can. That's stupid. Understand this and you'll be equal to the world and do what is best for all, always, because you will see yourself in everything! It's very simple; if you don't understand, read it again. If you have any reactions, thoughts coming up, forgive them! You are not your thoughts! You are life, don't waste it away by accepting and allowing your thoughts, feelings and emotions to possess you and guide you into doing things that are selfish, destructive and stupid. Abuse will always come back to you. It's all common sense, just be self honest.
Try it out, I dare you! Do you think I (or any decent human being) enjoy(s) watching people throwing garbage around and abusing animals and nature and each other and everything? Nobody does, but people are still doing it! Why? I just explained it to you. Because they are mind-fucked! They follow their thoughts, emotions, feelings, wants, desires, they get greedy, angry, sexually unsatisfied... just because they allow their thoughts to possess them and their feelings and emotions to possess them. Don't do it, get smart, forgive yourself.

In fact go and do it right now! Try it out, don't postpone, don't let yourself forget about it because you'll get lost again. In your head, in your thoughts, it's all illusion, not real. There are lots of people already doing it, check out the links on this site. I'm not saying I figured it all out and I'm now the master of this, I'm just sharing my experience here because it freaking works!
Imagine, we can change the world through changing self by simply applying self-forgiveness! Forgive yourself everything, start anew, be one and equal with all that is here and do what is best for all! With this you can change your-self and your attitude instantly! (OK maybe it will take you some time to forgive all your accepted and allowed self-limitations and self-definitions like "I'm a loser I can't do it" or "NO! I want to kill people!" or whatever but you can do it, everyone can! Just stay here breathing, no thoughts, no judgments, no feelings/emotions defining you. Just you here, one and equal!) If we show all people how to do this we can make heaven on Earth in no time! Focus on self first, the best way to show people is with your own example. Others will see the change in you, they'll notice the ease with which you live and solve problems, just by using common sense, what is here, what is best for all. OK, that's it for now.

Let me know when you try it! I'll help you out! Leave a comment or whatever, I'll write you back.

Also as I said, there are already a lot of people doing this and we also came up with some cool solutions that will help everyone on the world! Like The Equal Money System. Check it out:
It's so simple that people think it's impossible because they just react. They don't look at it with common sense and from the perspective of what is Best for All, they just react to their thoughts, feelings and emotions, fears and so on, and they don't realize that these things are all illusions in their heads! I'm sure you'll not do the same, now that I've explained the basic things to you. You'll see, what is Best for All is simple and practical, common sense, nothing to do with greed or feelings or fears ... Check it out, don't believe me.


  1. Fantastic blog post Blaž, very funny but common-sensical. I see you full get it.

  2. Last night I had a dream and you were in it. Dont remember the context but you were sitting down and then you looked at me with this facial expression of like a sort of inner sadness. And it felt really familiar and I woke up and I realise I saw myself in that. Because ofcourse the dream is me, and the people in the dream are me as well, created by my brain.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post