Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

I have watched the Zeitgeist: Moving Forward film and I have to say that it is one of the best documentary films I have ever watched because it dares to directly question and expose our current system of abuse that we accept and allow every day, but this is the point where 'one of the best' ends. Consider this:

Although there is an ideal solution proposed in a form of how things should be done (from a scientific point of view) in a way that is best for all, so that all would live a dignified life, there are no clear and directive steps being realized and worked on to actually create the change that is required to bring about the goal.

We are living here in physical reality where we have to invent and create practical solutions and consider our current situation to bring about what is best for all. That is only possible if we work together, as one, as equals. It is obvious in the end of the film that the authors have no actual understanding in terms of what is practically required from each individual to bring about what is best for all because of the following: The film ends showing how global protests are taking place where people take all of their physical money and literally throw it at the bank. And that's it. From there the viewer can only imagine how the society will somehow magically be transformed into a Venus Project kind of city urban environments. That is obviously not the solution. It is just a goal, presented with no understanding of how to make it real.

It is very simple. We have to work with the system, as the system in order to transform it as soon as possible because otherwise we will just be eliminated and seen as a threat. Waiting for enough people to realize that we are eradicating ourselves is not acceptable because in doing this we are actually waiting for ourselves, not taking our self responsibility (not being response-able) and blaming others for not changing and doing what needs to be done to bring about what is best for all. This will only be possible if each one of us self honestly redesigns self to always live by the principle of what is best for all. If that is not done, we will not be able to work and live together, as one, as equals and therefore, no solution for a better life will be possible. One can only do this when one is completely honest about self at all times because only then can one forgive self for what one accepted and allowed and let it go thus giving self the opportunity to redesign self and realign self to live by the principle of what is best for all. When one is not self honest, one accepts and allows thoughts and emotions to possess self which are always self-centered and thus allow and create separation between self and everything else which means that abuse will happen in one form or another.

People gathered together as a Desteni group realize and understand this and thus practically learn how to live in self honesty and in this transform self to always live by the principle of what is best for all. We learn how to always be self-directive, meaning, to never allow self to be influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions that originate from separation as ego because the consequence of accepting and allowing this in one self will always accumulate into acts that are self-centered and not best for all. For this purpose a life coaching program called Desteni'I'Process has been designed in a form of on-line course in order to effectively support every individual that is serious about self from the point of realizing what needs to be done practically to bring about what is best for all in all ways and take self responsibility to be and live the solution as one and equal withing the group, thus manifesting a system that supports all as one as equal, where all have a dignified life and each one can reach ones highest potential. Realize that this can only be done when all participate equally as one, accumulating what is best for all 1+1+1+1...

Also, while the Zeitgeist people in general realized that there is a big problem in the way money is being used today, they failed at remaining objective in working out a solution because they blamed the money to be bad and so creating a polarity of 'no money = good' which is obviously a delusion. Consider this:

Money is a tool that is very effective in dealing with goods and if it is used in the context of a system that is designed from the principle of what is best for all (= Equal Money System) then it is a part of the solution. Realize also that money in itself was never the problem, people are. So it is a mind-fuck if one would want to to eradicate money just because one never considered that it can in fact be used as a solution to the problem we face. That would be an act of complete ignorance. And it is contradictory for a Zeitgeister to make decisions out of a belief while in the same time supporting the scientific method and objectivity. This would be a complete self dishonest act.

And as I realized as one of the founding members of Zeitgeist Slovenija, this is the major problem of Zeitgeisters (like all other people), not wanting to face self and the world in complete self-honesty. Therefore as long as the Zeitgeisters will not realize and do this, they will not be able to contribute to the practical solution that needs to be lived by every individual as self to bring about what is best for all in all ways.


  1. I also work close together with Zeitgeist people, and I expect that they will soon understand that Desteni solutions are what is practically needed in order to manifest the Zeitgeist idea in the physical.