Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 - Self-Sufficiency

We've been changing our relationship into an agreement with Barbi for quite some time now. It's tough but fuck that we'll work it out :)
So on 1st of October she moved to Maribor to continue her study and I live in Celje to finish my practical work before I do my diploma. We don't see each other from Monday until Thursday which gives me a nice opportunity to develop self-support and self-sufficiency.
Mostly when alone (or without anyone knowing about Desteni around me) some points still come up like a desire to talk with someone about Desteni stuff or a desire to hug Barbi or someone that would "give" me that energy feeling of "I have someone that likes me and understands me". And of course sometimes the desire to build up sexual energy. I breathe through and stop the thoughts that cause the separation.
I also get the point of "I don't want to be alone" so then I try to hang out with Ajda. Have to work on that some more. But it's also supportive because she's doing her process too.

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  1. Thanks Blaž! And I on the other hand have become so self-sufficient that I have difficulty to stand any new girlfriend moving to my apartment.