Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 - Fearing my father

I realized that I am afraid to speak to my father when he's drunk because I am afraid that I will make him angry and violent. When I was a kid he usually became violent when my mother talked with him. Mostly he just shouted and slammed doors but there was this one time when he grabbed my mother by her hair and held her for some time. I remember I got scared really bad and started crying. She tried to calm me down when he was still holding her and the way I see it now it seemed that the only reason why he didn't hit her was because I was there watching. Yeah, this is probably the major point about why I am scared of my father getting angry.

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  1. Realize that when your father is drunk, there is no point of talking to him, since at that time, you father is not there - it is totally suppressed by the system/energy - so you need to wait in order for him to get sober and then talk to him. When he is drunk - just remove yourself from him, when he is not - explain him that you are not going to tolerate him, since he is allowing the energy to take him over and hurt others. Explain him this as equal and one - no resentment, just plain simple facts. If he becomes violent when drunk - call the police, let him face the consequence of him deciding not to live - let him suffer to experience what is needed in order for him to get the realization. And stand up for yourself - do not allow this to continue anymore!