Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 - Will the people vote for an equal money system?

First of all, when we look self-honestly at the consequences that are being produced through the current system of capitalism (abuse, famine, exploitation), we can clearly see that it is not working the way that is best for all. It only works for a small group of extremely rich people that build their wealth of the hard work of others. This fact is not hard to see and understand. The only people who really benefit from this system and are thus unlikely to be interested in changing it, are just a small percent of very rich people. And even they are able to realize that the current system is limiting them as well, because they are constantly dependent on exploiting others in order to maintain their luxury status through money. The point here is that everyone else, the big majority of the world population, are not satisfied with the capitalist system as it currently exists, as more and more people live on the edge of poverty every day and have to compete for pure survival. Thus the majority of people are very interested in finding and supporting better solutions that would allow them to enjoy a dignified life as well. But until now, there really wasn't any serious proposal or project presented to the people that would actually explore, develop and implement practical solutions that can be applied and followed by everyone of us in order to help with the implementation of the necessary changes that will guarantee everyone not only a dignified life, but a life that can today only be compared with a life of a millionaire. So, as people will get to understand more and more how an Equal Money System works and that it is actually designed in a way that is Best for All Life Equally, and as at the same time, we will be faced more and more with the abusive reality of the current capitalistic system, we will realize that something has to be changed and that the best way to change things is the way where everyone are considered equally. So, by the time we introduce the Equal Money System through a democratic, one man one vote option, people will have enough time to explore it, to understand its principles and to realize that it actually represents a solution that is Best for All. Thus people will vote for it as they will understand it and see for themselves how it will bring a Dignified Life for All.

So I look at it in self-honesty and ask myself, why would I vote for an Equal Money System? Do I really like more the current capitalistic system that perpetuates exploitation, greed, poverty, competition, scarcity, inequality and deception? Or do I like a system that ensures a Dignified Life for All by treating everyone equally, a system where I can choose to do what I like to do, a system where I don’t have to fight for pure survival all the time, a system that is actually based on the value of Life itself instead of profit? There is no doubt in me at all that I can help to establish such a system because I realized that every one of us is capable of being self-honest and doing what is best for all by standing as an example. Every one of us can realize self as equal to all life and stand as an example of how to practically achieve necessary changes, because I have been doing it and will be doing it as long as I have to, to show to myself and others that we make our own destiny and that we have to and are able to accept nothing less but what is Best for All Life.

Why would I want to live in a world where I have to exploit other beings in order to get enough money to secure the safety of my own life? Why would I blind myself from all the abuse that is generated through capitalism if there is a better solution at hand? Why would I care only for myself and my own wealth if I can see that even if I get rich, I will have to live in fear of losing what I have? Even today’s millionaires can't escape the fact that Earth is getting more and more polluted, that the majority of countries are poor and so dangerous to visit. Would I really be happy if I got rich, hiding in my mansion somewhere, while others live in misery? We can build a world that is better than that! I want to see all people happy and taken care of, I want to be able not to worry about money and survival, I want to be able to do what I like to do, no matter where I go. I want to be able to visit all the places on Earth and know that I will be taken care of equally as everyone else. I want a system that will honor all life equally on all levels and support all life equally no matter what. Being self-honest, this is what we all want because what is best for all is best for ourselves. And this is exactly what we will start establishing with an Equal Money System. Those that are not willing to support equality of Life are only able to do so because they currently possess a lot of money by exploiting others and they are just a few and can never be more than just a few because the capitalism doesn’t allow anything else. So, what do you think people will vote for when they will be offered a chance to live equally to those that are now millionaires? Will they vote for an Equal Money System or will they prefer Capitalism?

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