Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 - Occupy Wall Street! Then what?

99.9% of the world population is being denied a Dignified Life so that 0.01% of the people can have it all. Welcome to capitalism. Wait, are we kind of actually starting to realize that this is not what we want? Good. Occupy Wall Street! Then what? There are so many people protesting everywhere but there is almost no (self)direction in all of it, so nothing changes. So, why don't we actually, practically get together as equals and start implementing a practical solution that is Best for All? Yes, we already have practical solutions that are actually Best for All Life. Here is one: Equal Money System. But as we realized, people find it kind of too perfect for the time being. So here's another one: Basic Income Grant! Why bailout the bankers and the corporations? Bail out the people! Demand democracy, demand one-man-one-vote and demand an implementation of a Basic Income Grant! Cap all the profit of the rich and use the money to grant All people a Basic Income with which one can at least survive when one has no other income. This way at least all this protests will have an actual practical purpose that is actually in the Best interest of All. Then we'll be able to calm down a bit and finally realize that what we All have to do in order to All Live in Dignity is to implement an Equal Money System. Occupy yourself with living out the practical solutions that will make this happen, don't just be occupied with occupying something that's already occupied. Breathe, clear yourself, make room for something new, be the change that will help us establish a Dignified Life for All. Support an Equal Money System! At least support a Basic Income Grant. And do it actively, get the point? Don't just say ok, sure, and then go back to whatever you always do. Yeah, that's why nothing changes, we're all still waiting for each other, highly intelligent species as we are... Live out the physical change, live the realization as yourself that we have to change this system of abuse into what's Best for All, help to make it happen practically! If you don't know how, check out Desteni and join the practivists. We're in it for Life! Equal Money for All! We don't stop until it's done, enough is enough, we support only what is Best for All Life and nothing less!

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