Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 - Fear Factor - Think you have what it takes to face your fears?

You've probably heard of the TV show called Fear Factor where people are competing to be the quickest in all sorts of frightening tasks for a money prize. Anyway, in one of the episodes there was a task where people had to shave their hair off, depending on what random crazy hair style they landed on - winner got 25.000$. There were three couples (man and a woman) and obviously women had the biggest problem. Only one let them to shave her hair off. One of the contestants said that they would eat worms and stuff with ease (which is what the regular task looks like on the show) but cutting their hair away is too much for her to handle. This is a clear example of how we people allow ourselves to be controlled through our own self-centered ego. The contestant would obviously had no problem with eating other 'disgusting' animals to get some money, but couldn't shave her own hair even when offered a chance to win a lot of money = this shows the self-centeredness of human ego. Especially women put a lot of self-worth into their hair because they want to be noticed and seen as attractive in order to be able to get a (rich) man they want. So people construct this ideas in their heads that if they shave their hair for example, they will not be seen as acceptable in the system (fear of not getting sex and money) so they accept and allow themselves to put all the self-worth into an outside object like hair and to subdue themselves to the general ideas of what beauty is - a complete mind-fuck - and then people become slaves to their own ego.

Now be self-honest and make a test: Would you be able to right now shave off your hair bald (if you have any or just change something else in your appearance that you define as 'valuable' to you) and have no problems with (reactions to) it whatsoever? Forget about what other people would say or do (that's their self-responsibility)- you are the one that needs to be self honest here. Would you feel any different? Go ahead and do it, try it out, see for yourself! You see, most of the people would have lots of reactions doing this (emotional or in thought) and would have a hard time with it, lots (or I dare to say most) of the people would not be able to do it at all because of the accepted and allowed value they put into their hair for example. This is just one small example we can look at in order to see and understand how hard we limit and programme ourselves through our thoughts and emotions (ego). Why would one want to live with shit like this in the head? Why would one want to limit oneself like this? It's all just an addiction to one's own self-judgemental ego... It's all self-deception.

I realized this a while ago so I shaved my head bald to see what kind of mind-fucks I created for myself regarding my hair and self-image and everything. And I saw how extensive it was. Really bad stuff. And then I used self-forgiveness and self-correction and I set myself free from all of this bullshit limitations that I created for myself and defined myself with, believing that I am what I think, that I am my thoughts. All self-deception. Now I don't worry any more about how I look as this is all ego (meaning mind stuff, not real, just made up in my head), I don't judge myself any more = I don't go into my head, my thoughts, comparing myself to others and all that unnecessary stuff. Through ego we only see ourselves through our self-accepted and allowed mind patterns and thus we limit and abuse ourselves and others, as we don't consider anything else but only what is apparently best for our ego. So, this hair and appearance thing is just one simple example of how we people enslaved ourselves to our own mind ideas and perceptions. A lot more of letting go and self-forgiving must be done by all of us in order to end all the (self)abuse we create constantly today, so that we will be able to establish a Dignified Life for all.

We must change the way we thing and how we do things, we must recreate, rebirth ourselves in self-honesty as Life through self-forgiveness and self-correction in order to be able to stand in self-responsibility and always do what is Best for All. This is what Destonians do. We decided to no longer support self-deception as it exists everywhere today - we say NO MORE to all the SELF-ABUSE and we take self-responsibility for ourselves. It's a fun and very self-empowering process, but it is also often quite hard and that's what makes it interesting. Join us, let's do what is Best for All together, as a group of Equals, and create heaven on Earth for everyone Equally, where All Life is equally taken care off, where All are guaranteed to live in Dignity and have fun! Don't worry about the 'how' as we already have a lot of practical solutions everyone can apply. And when we don't, we find them within us and we become the solution and we make it work the way that is Best for All!

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Give and you shall receive. We are all One and Equal as Life, but where and how do we practically apply this today? Look at the state of the world, be self-honest. Every one of us is equally responsible for the condition of the world. With every action (or non-action) we either accept and allow the world to exist as it exists today, with all the abuse, or we work towards a solution that is Best for All. Where do you stand? Don't fall for the traps of your ego as ego is self-dishonesty and self-deception because it blinds you from the real physical world that exists in every here-moment and it takes you into an ego-trip where you only follow your 'good feelings' and abuse everything on the way, mostly yourself. Self-deception leads to very bad consequences no one wants to deal with, so make sure you know how to do things the way that's Best for All as this is also what is Best for Your-Self. Doing things the same way you always did while expecting a better result is madness. Thus, focus on this physical reality that is equally here for everyone to experience and realize that we have to let go of egoism and rebirth ourselves through self-forgiveness and self-correction, to stand as Life and for all Life Equally, because that is what is Best for All and that includes Your-Self. Understand that we all have to firstly fix ourselves through self-honesty and with this we will start to fix this physical reality and reshape it into a place where all Life is treated Equally and with Dignity. Ignorance, egoism, self-deception, lack of self-responsibility - this is all just a waste of time. Or more precisely, it all just leads into consequences of abuse, as we can clearly see today, everywhere we go. Be self-honest, be Life, join us! One by one we will stand as examples of what it really means to be alive, to be one and equal with Life, and so we will make heaven on Earth for All Life Equally!

I am a Destonian and I stand for what is Best for All, for a Dignified Life for All and for World Equality. This is why I support and Equal Money System!

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