Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 - Will inventors of new stuff be rewarded in EMS?

Inventors in the current capitalistic system are driven by profit, like everyone else, thus they are limited to only invent stuff that will generate profit because otherwise they cannot get any funding. So, when they invent something that can be used to generate profit, they get rewarded with money and sometimes also with rewards for special achievements or similar. Thus all the inventions today which are not in line with the profit making strategies, don’t get used and produced. Often they even get removed from public and their existence is denied as they would cause specific corporations to lose their profit. Such examples today would be the technology to transmit electricity through air because it is obviously very hard to monitor the consumers of such distribution and that makes it hard to write them a bill. Another example would be a water fueled car that can run completely on water. There is a lot of water in most of the places so the oil corporations obviously wouldn’t be able to charge for it, also there would be a lot of other money-related complications if such a car would be mass produced, because lots of people would suddenly start to lose their jobs. No such problems will exist in an Equal Money System as it will have nothing to do with making profit. So, obviously a lot of great inventions today that would benefit all of Life on Earth are actually not allowed and hidden away because they are unable to generate profit or even destroy profit.

So, how will inventions work in an Equal Money System? Firstly, inventors won’t be driven by profit as profit won’t exist. Thus only people that really like to invent new stuff will work in research institutions as they will be paid equally as everyone else. This obviously means that they won’t focus on inventions that are suitable for making profit; instead they will focus on whatever they want, obviously aligned with the principle that all inventions must support life in all ways. Inventions that can only be used to harm Life will thus not be allowed. And will the scientists be rewarded? Obviously not with money, as everyone will be paid equally for the work they do. And if we look at it self-honestly, do we really expect a reward when we do something that we like to do, that we enjoy doing? Not really, because we do it from an inner motivation. Rewards are a form of outer motivation, like a carrot on a stick or like money today. It makes people greedy and it makes them compete instead of working together and enjoying what they do. Obviously, recognition rewards or rewards for special achievements and similar can be given but I’d say no one will really care about them. As the focus will be taken away from profit and ‘follow the carrot on a stick system’, people will see and realize that inventing or doing things that improve and support all Life equally is the greatest reward in itself.

And there is also another thing about ‘inventions’. No invention is really new, as every ‘inventor’ always firstly works with what is already here, thus he just uses parts that already exist and were created or invented by others or were just simply always here. So no single man or a group of people can ever be labeled as the sole inventors of anything. Thus every one of us always contributes to what is here which also makes us all responsible. People will start to realize more and more what oneness and equality actually means as we go through our processes of self-honesty and self-correction.

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