Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 - Love is the answer

And the question to that would be: What is the most hypocritical word of all time, used as a justification for the abuse of life? Love is the fucking answer, let me tell you.
It is profoundly sick and evil how we the people use it for our personal ego reasons. It is actually the most self-negating word I ever heard of! People say it and then live it out as a complete ego-driven abuse of life. Stay the fuck away form me with your "love is the answer" shit because I don't want to get fucked nor beaten, neither be treated as special, not even be brainwashed to the presumably heavenly energy bullshit experiences of love and I absolutely don't want to walk around hugging and kissing and saying nice words to everyone all the fucking day, for the obvious reasons of: it doesn't solve the fucking problem of the abuse of life that we the people together in the unison of love, as well as each one individually, accept and allow to exist every fucking day, while some preach love is all you need. Fuck your love, because when I say fuck, everyone knows what I'm talking about. And when you say love, what the fuck is that? Is that a fuck, or what is it? Let me tell you what we the people do as the act of love...

STOP. Look at your reaction, look at your feelings right now. Do you see your thoughts? Can you see your emotions and feeling moving inside of you, moving you, generating even more thoughts and energy? Are you reacting to these words I wrote? Self honesty, please. Are you capable of looking at yourself in self-honesty? Can you see your ego, your mind-consciousness system re-acting to these words without you even being aware of it? Not yet? Read on then and be completely, self-honestly aware of your thoughts/emotions/feelings/energy movement inside of you and write them down. Then write self forgiveness. Not for me, I don't give a fuck, I write it all the time. This is about you; can you be self honest? Can you stand for what is practically, objectively best for all life at all times? Can you stand as one and equal with all life? I don't need your answer. I perfect myself doing this every day until I'm perfect. Now that is real self-perfection. If you need a reason, a purpose in your life, make it self perfection as life as becoming one and equal as all life doing what is best for all in all ways, always. That's right, not love, fuck the delusion of love. Use your so called almighty freedom of choice and choose self perfections as how I described it. There is no doubt that you can but will you do it? Because this is about you and no-one will ever be able to help you or change you or make you believe in anything. It is your responsibility to clean the bullshit you've accepted and allowed as you through thoughts/emotions/feeling/habits or whatever other form of expression you may have. Make sure that you are aligned in all ways with what is best for all because otherwise you will get ignored by everyone and fucked up by your own ego to the ultimate degree. And no one will give a fuck.

Now where was I -
Let me now use my eyes to look at objective things in this real-ity and see what is actually manifested here in the physical and has an undeniable connection with the word love:

Some people say they love their children. They occasionally beat them, because they want to establish their authority over their children to teach them how to behave "good", while mostly they in fact have no idea what "good" actually means and it is in most cases not aligned with what is best for all, if not profoundly sick and exclusive. In the same time such people also blindly continue to destroy the Earth with pollution (in the name of love for profit) because they obviously want for their children to have a lovely future cleaning up after them but "how to" is not included in the upraising brainwash material they enforce into the children with such great love. Next...

Almost all the people have (had) a love relationship where they make-belief that the person who they love and fuck is a special person who is better and more important than any other life form in existence therefore it is OK if they treat it as such while in the same time neglecting others. Trying to build a special haven for themselves and turning a blind eye for all the abuse that this so called love is causing to others. I've been doing this as well and I'm ready to stop. But this is not about me, it's about you, remember? There must always be the standing of me/my-self and you/your-self in oneness and equality with everything in existence first, before there is us. "We" can not exist if there is an egoistic abuser present. That's why you are responsible for everything you do and will face consequences accordingly. Love as ego is exclusive and always results in abuse. But that is surely not what one meant or considered when stating that love is the answer? There's no way to know what one actually/practically meant because if one would know exactly what one meant, one would use a specific unambiguous word to explain oneself. So what does this show? The author either has no idea what he is talking about, is delusional and non-practical or wants to deliberately confuse people and make an ego boost for himself. Neither of these things are something one could be proud of.

It shouldn't surprise you that we the people in this world are completely lost right now. So much so that we try to identify ourselves through all kinds of bullshit, like a sports team for example that we love to support by yelling and getting angry at the other team having all kinds of nasty thoughts about them, because we love our team, we love to feel special when our beloved team wins. And we don't give a fuck if at the same time people are deprived of their already miserable homes, like they were in South Africa for example, so that soccer stadiums can be build for us where we can show our great love to the players. Hey fuck the pricks, we are showing our love here. You gotta love soccer, you gotta love sports, it's good for business.
And then there is this nationality. We the people say to ourselves: we have to love our culture, our language, our heritage, our nationality, because this is who we are, this is who our ancestors were, we have to show them our love. And we the people go and in the name of love of our beloved country kill and rape and murder and steal and defend and fuck up children and we spread our love, our love of freedom and democracy, the-mockery, and we are proud to give our lives in the name of love for our special beloved country, for our special beloved freedom and regime. In the name of love we kill each other. Isn't that the most focking original way to show love, ay?

There are also some among us that believe(!) in love, the love of the God Lord or The Great White Light or whatever it is. It's the same shit in a new package. And this thing is the ultimate loving machine. It loves everyone no matter what. It loves you if you rape, it loves you if you steal, kill, murder, torture, brainwash, it doesn't really matter, you just have to believe in it. But you can't understand the love this thing gives to you, it's so profound you're too stupid to understand how it practically works but you still must accept it and enslave/submit to it or how they call it, accept Jesus and let him into your heart (?). And you must live it, the love of God and Jesus Christ, that's all you need. It is encouraging to see that there are lots of people among us who seriously question the lack of practicality of such love and so skip it entirely, only to be picked up by those who blindly practice faith and religion. I'm not sure if they will ever be able to come up with any practical solutions for this world or even participate in such solutions, but I say let's give them a chance. I once believed in some kind of angels and deities too you know, thinking they can help me, until I realized that I just imagined them in my head and are thus not real. The problem gets serious when you just believe some other people who say there is a deity or God that will save you and that there is proof about it but you can't see it and you were raised and brainwashed like that all your childhood/ life. That's some serious parental/cultural love sharing taking place right there, yup, making you a religious fanatic. Lovely?

So already here you can see I observed all sorts of love in this world from us the people and there is a problem. Which one is the real love? Religion, sports, identity, energy, emotions, specialness? You say love is the answer. You either don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about or you try to deliberately confuse people? I suggest we deal with this dilemma right here and now. I dare to say that majority of people would agree that when you love somebody you have sex with that person, right? Mostly. So to love a person also means to fuck a person. Now that is something practical everybody understand with no doubt. Love = fuck. Now lets stick with this definition for the sake of clarity of what we're talking about because as we can see: love right now means all kinds of abusive bullshit and is probably the word with most different meanings in existence. Now lets look into the "all answer giving" statement again:
Love is the answer = Fuck is the answer.

Now that's an easy one. Are you full of sexual energy and you need to release it? Fuck can be an answer, yes. Do you want to make children? Fuck works here as well, how convenient. Now we want to abolish world famine. Fuck is the answer. (?) How does that practically work again? We all fuck each other and there is no more famine? We the people are already doing it since prehistoric times and still there are more an more hungry people every fucking day of fucking. Holy fucking love this ain't working! Here we have it: Love is the answer = failure to deal with world problems and the generally accepted abuse of life because guess what? Love in itself is the polarity of hate. There is no love without hate. So next time when you try to tell someone that love is the answer, realize that what you're saying is: go fuck yourself, fucking is the answer. Because that is what love PRACTICALLY means: to fuck yourself and everyone around you at the same time by the make-belief love mind-fucks in your head, while it all looks and sounds pretty and exciting. Now before your reactions take complete control over you, here's the real, PRACTICAL solution for the world problems and holy fuck it's not love: It's self-forgiveness and self-corrective application. Yes, it is all about you! Not you giving love, but you for-giving your-self, the gift of letting go of all the accepted and allowed thoughts/feelings/emotions/habits/behaviours that you lived every day and through which you caused abuse and harm to life not even realizing it. It is so fucking simple it's ridiculous. Will you do it? Will you try it? Will you ever give yourself a chance? I'm doing it, it's fun, simple, practical, best for all and no fucking belief/knowledge/voodoo required! Just self-honesty! Can you see now why love is fake and not real? Stop reactions, stop the bullshit, get practical, get real, be life, one and equal, what is best for all.

We the real people, walking the self-honest process of becoming real, meaning; being here aware of the physical at all times, not going fading into the mind of thoughts/emotions/feelings and illusionary relationships, who recognize ourselves as life, one and equal, are practical. We find practical solutions for all the problems no matter how lovingly fucked up they are and we support each other as one as equals as life, because we are life. There are unfortunately those among us who decide(d) that they will give themselves no chance whatsoever to correct themselves thorough self forgiveness and self corrective application. Maybe they just love their ego shit too much? Are they full of ego love or what? Fortunately they will die as well. Have a nice death.

If you're actually interested in what is practically Best for All, study the Equal Money System, study the Desteni material, so that you will understand why it is in fact best for all life. And then you can stop making a hypocrite/knuckle-head out of yourself and next time state "Equal Money System is the practical answer to abuse of life", instead of this love bullshit illusion. Wow, now this actually sounds something practically doable and understandable, doesn't it? Love is just all too ambiguous, foggy, abusive and useless word.

This is firstly about you, remember? You are the one not being equal to all life, you are the one not doing what's best for all, self-honestly. We're all like that, but some of us are actually doing something about it. But forget others. You must firstly help yourself and clean yourself of all the accepted and allowed bullshit you live out every day. Then you will change and then WE will change. To truly become life, one and equal, doing what's best for all at all times, where everyone is taking care of and everyone can enjoy life in dignity. Support yourself with the material provided on the page bellow.


  1. Hi Blaz -

    I suggest you focus on YOURself firstly, as Jesus said: first remove the log from your own eye, before you point out that there is a stick in anothers.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Viktor.