Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 - Discussing Equal Money on another forum

I opened a topic entitled Equal Money System on one of the popular Slovenian forums where I introduced the website and also Slovenian Desteni site and Desteni Universe. I didn't have any particular expectations, I primarily wanted to expose the sites a bit more and see what kind of reactions will people have and how will I react to them. So after I opened the topic I answered some questions people were asking and tried to give some direction/perspectives where I saw that the point was not understood or missed completely and while doing that I realized that I am acting from a point of me feeling responsibility to give answers/directions since I opened the topic and also there were obviously lots of ego driven posts from which after reading them I started to build a bit of anger which I then more or less breathed through and stopped myself from writing out of reactions. I wasn't completely successful with that because I can see that in some posts I expressed myself  out of feelings/reactions/anger. I also realized that while giving a perspective to someone I try to write in a way that will make the most impact on that person from the point of getting him to think about the point I wanted them to think about. So sometimes I also try to manipulate the other person in some way by using emotions. Obviously that usually doesn't work because this activates the reactions of the ego where the other person then tries to defend his point of view. I can see that posting or debating such points on random forums is not at all effective from the perspective of supporting other people but it definitely helped me to test myself where and how do I still accept and allow myself to react to statements of other people about what I say or do.

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  1. Yes, to be a Destonian mean to be inner stable, humble and patient till eternity, so any attempts to inform others using knowledge and information, and allowing yourself to go into any reaction is counterproductive. I suggest taking just the steps where you are able to walk with proper inner stability.