Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 - Why do people hate?

People sure like to hate a lot. Doesn't matter really what or why...

Where does this come from? Do you like to hate? How many times a week do you hate something? Dare to count?

Hate starts with the back-chat in someones mind, where one starts to firstly define things according to one's beliefs and judgments. Hate is the opposite of love - it's a polarity like any other mind-fuck that keeps your mind going. There is no love without hate and so you must hate if you want to love. It's all an energy game inside our minds, our thoughts. We delude ourselves with our mind definitions instead of just being here, breathing, doing what's Common Sense - Best for All. We don't learn crap from our mind polarity love-hate delusions. It's all fake information, not real, made up, keeping us locked inside our head so that we continue to perpetuate the mind polarity energy game of high and low, love and hate, win and lose...

Do you like your ego? People tend to put self first, to take care of self first, to take care of the ego of self. The ego fights to survive, to be on top, the winner, the best, the super ego. It's a self destruction device in your head. Don't try and be your ego, you'll go crazy and mad.

Be here, breath and stand with the physical. Ego is useless in the physical. Ego makes the physical weak and abuses it. Do you drink alcohol, get drunk? The abuse is obvious, it's all about not wanting to face self, not wanting to be self responsible. Human is a slave to his own ego. You can observe the self-destruction of egoistic man as you realize your-self as breath in the always present moment of here-ness, as you walk through the self-honest process of stopping your mind possessions of egoism, as you start to participate in Common Sense and what is Best for All.
In the breath of here-ness, there is no freedom of choice to trouble your ego and mind with - no choice to abuse self, only the Common Sense to do what is Best for All. Life will be born when we All stand as One and Equal in what is Best for All.

Lets walk together in self-direction and self-honesty as we change our nature of being with the principle of Oneness and Equality as what is Best for All. Lets be self-honest and stop our crap. The shit is hitting the fan.

I am a Destonian - I stand for Life! I am one vote for an Equal Money System and for World Equality!

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