Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 - Gaming Reborn in an Equal Money System

Lots of people like to play computer games these days, me included, but this kind of entertainment is right now only available to a very small elite group of either rich people (compared to an average human being on Earth) or their children. Speaking from my experience, I started to play games because I found them to be interesting from the perspective of doing things that cannot be done in the real world and of course because of winning. We as humans are completely brainwashed with the idea of competition and are consequently addicted to the energetic experience that we allow to exit inside of ourselves when we win or lose, thus seeking the experience of winning all the time. This energy addiction is integrated into every part of our society as competition (schools, companies, nationalism, sports…) and of course also gaming. If you look at how games are designed, they always have a system of competition and/or winning integrated into them because this is what a competitive human being will recognize as familiar and interesting. Competition of course is very violent in nature and so are also most of the games, with lots of shooting, killing and destruction. It is interesting how obvious it is in games that we as human beings are completely preprogrammed and brainwashing into believing that the main point of life is competition and winning because have a look: games are designed as virtual realities which means; designers can create any kind of world/simulation that they want and are in this not limited to the limitations of the current world systems as they exist (and as we allow them to exist), yet almost every game is designed and integrated with the same systems of competition, war and/or capitalism that we have in our reality. As if there is no other way of existing. This can only show us one thing: we are completely brainwashed! We can say that in the end, we are all religious from the perspective of believing that competition makes us better and that survival improves our ego. We can see – if we self-honestly look at the condition of our REAL world – that this is in fact not so. And as long as we don’t change our behavior and align it to the principle of what is Best for All in Oneness and Equality, we live in self-deception.

In an Equal Money System gaming will obviously change a lot. First of all; games will not be designed to sell and bring profit, instead they will be designed more as interactive pieces of art or as tools where one will be able to play a game/simulation and create and self-express through it. Or just as some fun idea that one will come up with and share with others in a form of an interactive game. Of course all games will be free or at least available for a very small price because as I said, they won't be made for profit and secondly, you cannot prevent the copying of computer data anyways. If you look at how the gaming companies are trying to do that right now you can see how ridiculous it is and how it is impossible to prevent games from being pirated, but they have to do it because of the profit. If a game doesn't bring profit it is immediately discontinued. There will be no need for profit in an Equal Money System and thus everything will improve immediately and dramatically since people will not be forced into doing things from the starting point of making profit – which also suppresses the unconditional expression of human beings. You can see some of this today in gaming where certain games allow/encourage mods (modifications) to be designed from fans for free. This kind of games usually get high amount of very interesting and innovative free content designed from people who do it for fun, which makes this games a lot more interesting to interact with.

Also computer games will become available to All Human Beings on Earth within an Equal Money System because the e-quality of the system will provide everyone with a Dignified Life and thus we will all live like millionaires. Because realize, when money will not dictate how things are done – we will be able to design and create things the best way possible with the highest quality. This for instance means we will be able to provide every Human Being with a high speed optical internet connection, which also means that we will no longer require a big/expensive PC or a TV console or other hardware to play games because there will be a powerful server for this purpose (with more processing power that one could ever have in a PC) that we will just connect to through the internet and do everything there. We will just receive the picture of the game (or anything else we would like to do) onto our TV screen and that’s it. Similar to how the OnLive gaming service works today if you are familiar with it. Of course if and where the hardware will be required, it will be provided and accessible to everyone equally and designed in the best quality possible to date. Because again remember, money in an Equal Money System will not be a limitation, it will be a tool that will guarantee everyone a Dignified Life by firstly providing basic needs and secondly also providing everyone with an equal opportunity to have access to the best quality luxury products that are now only available to very rich people of the World. If you haven't noticed, more than half of the world doesn't even have enough food to eat...

So of course in the Equal Money System people will still want to design devices that are just fun to use, similar to how gaming consoles are made today with the motion controls and everything. In such cases people will still buy such hardware if one will find it interesting but overall usefulness and quality of such products will increase dramatically since there will be no profit calculations involved that would prevent this. For example if we look at the Nintendo 3DS that just came out recently – it could have a lot more functions (like also being a phone and a mini personal computer with lots of apps) that it has right now and be built from high quality parts (with the most advanced camera lenses instead of current 0.3 Mega Pixel ones and so on) that would last as long as possible or until the device would be recycled and materials reused for something else. It is obvious how money unnecessarily limits the design possibilities and the quality of any product created today.

Nintendo 3DS - A toy of the super rich elite of the World
I own a Wii console for example and when I look at it I realize how much better it could be designed if profit wasn’t the primary motivation for its existence. For example better speakers would be put into the Wii Remote; best quality materials would be chosen for the housing; we wouldn’t have to charge it through batteries since we already have the technology to charge things on the go through wireless transmission. And as we all know, the main problem in gaming and consoles is always also to provide the most powerful machine for the best graphical performance possible. When manufacturers design the consoles today, they are always limited by money when they put in the CPU, graphic card etc. because they can't afford to put in all the best and get broke. Such limitation will not exist in an Equal Money System.

Why does sex sell?
By the way, did you have a look at any of the E3 this year? Did you see the new console from Nintendo? It's called Wii U and it will have a really bad-ass controller and HD graphics! How cool is that!!?

Wii U will be the TOP brainwashing machine for U in 2012! Don't wait, get distracted with it right now and imagine how cool it will be! - while the Real World gets destroyed... OR stop wasting your time and join the DIP.

Shows like E3 are obviously all about games and game developers that try to brainwash and steal people from each other to gain more customers. What they do in such events is that they try and use the people's excitement and desire for winning and sex - which people create themselves in one's own mind when looking at all the pretty pictures of games - to buy the games. Of course there are also even real prostitutes there sometimes to make people ('gamers') even more instinctive because that's the easiest way of controlling people to buy stuff. Sex sells, brainwashing FTW. The main point here is that people - who fall for all of these pretty pictures and play games all the time - are completely separated from the real world and kept entertained for as long as possible so that we, people on Earth as a whole, can remain slaves to our own mind-fuckedness. It's the same with all entertainment like sports, films, music festivals, parades, theme parks and what not. Have a look:

The only people who can stand up and make a change in the world by doing what is Best for All and ensuring everyone a Dignified Life and stopping all the abuse are people with money, people like us - if you can look at this blog on the internet and have time for games - then you are obviously among the top elite of this world. Just self-honestly look at the facts. And we - the elite of this world - have the money that is needed to change the system, to change the rules. And as long as we will not give a fuck for anything else but only our own entertainment, the World will just get worse and worse and worse until there will be no more imaginary places to run away to left and all that will remain is the shit that we all create together. Wars, pollution, hunger, disease, rape, disaster, abuse...  Let's not wait and destroy everything shall we? Do what's Best for All and support the Equal Money System and have a look at the Desteni'I'Process where we help each other and learn to work together to bring about heaven on Earth. It is possible because we decided it is. Nothing else is relevant. And until we ensure everyone a Dignified Life here on Earth, everything else is a waste of time. If you don't care, if you prefer abuse and your own imaginary world more than what is Best for All Life - then you're in for a big surprise. Because the REAL WORLD will show us what is REAL LIFE and what is a waste of time.
We as human beings here on Earth are not living yet at all, we are just wasting our time, trying to entertain ourselves, while others are suffering and dieing, just because we don't care, because we dont give a fuck about them.

Do you like Duke Nukem the badass? In REALITY, one's ego is one's worst enemy because it prevents one from doing what's Best for All Life by doing only what's best for self. Don't just be an abusive badass, be a practivist that is doing what is Best for All Life! Join the DIP today and earn some serious money!!

"What's the next game going to be like?! How about a movie?! Who will be the next babe I'll try to fuck?! Who is the next dude I'll try to abuse with my big EGO?!"

This is the state of our brain-washedness we all accepted and allowed as ourselves. Time to STOP and wake up! Look around, the real world is in shit! Time to stand up for Life and make this world a place that is Best for All Equally!


So this is just a glimpse of what will change from the perspective of computer gaming in an Equal Money System. Of course the quality of Life will also improve dramatically for everyone in all other aspects. But looking at self and how each one of us is currently still operating within this world – we see that we have quite some self-honesty and self-corrective education to go through in order to bring about the new world that’s Best for All Life. Thus I invite you to have a look at the Desteni’I’Process online course through which you can prepare and enhance your-self in every way possible (and earn some serious money at the same time) in order to bring the new principle of Life into practice and finally Live as One as Equal with All Life within what is Best for All. Don’t just be the virtual hero in games, be the real Life hero and join us as an equal in this incredible journey of self-realization and self-empowerment through the principle of doing what is Best for All Life.


  1. Awesome blog Blaž! You explained brainwashing of gaming industry perfectly, thanks!