Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 - Why does sex sell?

Because we are addicted to the energy experience of sex which means: we accept and allow ourselves to become possessed with sexual energy of lust and then we desire to release it through the explosion of ecstasy. Then we memorize it as something incredibly enjoying so when we see a commercial (or what ever) that reminds us of the previous experiences and we go crazy in our mind and blind ourselves with all kinds of imaginary mind activities that will hopefully build up our sexual energy again (and even more than before) because we want to release it again and feel high for a second! Yeah!
Now, this is really a good distraction for ones ego. If one constantly has this desire of a sexual experience in ones head, then one gets consumed by it and distracted with it all the time. And one becomes an idiotic robot that is easily controlled by impulses that stimulate sexual thoughts. That's what corporations like. They show a product, give a sexy lady next to it and the robot consumer gets activated, gives money and expects more sex.

"I see sexy lady - mind sex system activated - ah yes, uh, give you money, me system robot, need sex to recharge, yeaahh I pump it up and - explode! Feel good, feel god, very nice! This I call life but I'm not, me system robot need sex to recharge!" - LoL

This kind of behavior is extremely supported and encouraged through the current capitalistic money system of abuse. We're all brainwashed with sexuality as something separate from ourselves. Something that is sacred, special, intimate and also dirty, forbidden, shameful and what not. This will all change within an Equal Money System. Where first of all, sex will not be abused through money. No one will have to sell things through promoting sex because profit will not be in charge of anything - profit won't exist. Things will be made with consideration of What is Best for All, not what is best for profit. And people will be Equals, and women won't have to bribe rich guys with sex to live in luxury because All will have a Dignified Life - in fact, all will be able to live a life of a millionaire! And SEX will just be a point of self expression instead of self-abuse through mind possessions. But we have a lot of self-honesty to go through until then. This is a process we will all go through - if we like it or not. We can either make an interesting experience for ourselves while walking this process or design our own hell of self-deception. If you like the first option, visit the following site and join us on the journey of creating a new world that is Best for All (while earning some serious money!):