Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 - Stop mind possession with self-aware breathing

Yesterday while I was at work I allowed myself to use my mind to entertain myself which is a bad idea. It started with the thought that it is Friday which I connected with fun and excitement so I allowed myself to experience this feelings which kind of charged my mind systems even more. Then I allowed myself to think about and imagine a certain thing that I defined interesting and exciting the day before when I saw it in a store. It was a Nintendo 3DS. So the point of it was to experience even more the feeling of excitement. And then the song came up: Land Down Under (I'm listening to it right now, lol). I started to sing it in my mind and then I couldn't stop and I really started to get on my nerve, lol. I wanted to stop but after a while I just automatically began to sing it again and then I got irritated even more, lol. I was really feeling possessed by the power of my own mind and it was a bit scary. But then I remembered this great tool that one also learns in Desteni'I'Process which is 4-count breathing. Anyways the thing is that one focuses on ones own breathing and by doing this with awareness one can stop the mind completely. So this is what I did and it is really effective. I just focused on the breath and I stopped the mind. It is important that one always stays here in the physical with the awareness of ones own breathing because otherwise one just gets completely possessed by the mind by ones own acceptance and allowance. Make sure you never possess yourself with the mind because you'll design your own imaginary nightmare and go mad. The best way to make sure how to live effectively without all the mind crap is to join the Desteni'I'Process where you get all the support about the practical application of self-honesty living and doing what's best for all at all times. Have a look at the web-page, you'll get all the info there. I'm doing the course and it's the best there is.

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  1. I agree, 'Desteni I Process' is the best course, since it is the only one that explains in detail how the mind truly works and how to remove all mind possessions by taking self-responsibility for everything that you accept and allow.