Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 - Fleeing Migrants from North Africa

We can hear in the news how people from North Africa are trying to get into the EU. Why is that? They want to have a Dignified life and for that we all need Money. People in the EU obviously have lots of it in comparison with people in Africa. So what would you do if your country was a wreck, no money, no jobs, protests all around, army, people fighting, shooting each other, not enough food... and then you hear about this place not too far away where everything seems loaded with money, sugar, spice and everything nice? Try your luck there, why not...
So how the fuck did we create a world where there are some parts of it with all the luxury and at the same time even more places where nothing seems to work right? What's the thing that makes the difference between a rich country and a poor country? Money! Money is a creation of man, that means we allow and accept the rules of money that currently exist. Let's remember what are the rules:

- You need money to live or you die.
- Only special institutions can print legal money.
- If someone wants that money one needs to borrow it and later pay it back with interest because that's just how we agree it must be.

Wait, what? How the fuck do you do that? This means that the first one who borrows the money needs to return back more money than there is in existence!

Full stop, what the hell, serious fucking problem here, no common sense whatsoever. What did we realize? No matter how we toss the money around we're always in debt and so have to abuse each other all the time because we don't want to be and must not be in debt and for that we need to grab all the money we can from somewhere to pay back the interest which means someone else is in even greater debt. Why do we all agree to this? Are we insane!? Are we going to say that this is all we can do, that we don't know how to come up with a better system? One that is Best for All for a change not just best for ego trippers? Have you ever heard of The Equal Money System? How about checking it out and joining a group that actually cares for Life on this planet? Practical solutions that take care of All Life Equally must be lived and supported by all who understand and realize self as Life and by those who at least think of themselves as Life. Otherwise one just shows one doesn't care for anything but one's own ego trip and such individuals just cannot expect to be tolerated by anything that is Life and alive.

Equal Money System
Support the Equal Money System and check out the Desteni'I'Process. Stand up and stand for All Life! Let's stop all of this money bullshit related business like wars, migrations, hunger and abuse by forgiving ourselves for what we have done, accepted and allowed and give each other a Dignified Life through Equal Money for All. If we don't, things will just get worse and worse and worse and horrible and unbearable and hellish for ALL!

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  1. In fact we did not agree about the way current money works, it was and it still is enforced by people who have a lot of money. So time to make those people know that we do not agree on that and that we want the system that will be best for all, like the Equal Money System.