Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Declaration of Principle: 22. The realization that for me to be able to change myself - I first have to ‘know thyself’

The 22nd principle I commit myself to live by is the realization that for me to be able to change myself in thought, word and deed to the most effective living being that I can be and become – I first have to ‘know thyself’ and so commit myself to investigate, introspect and understand how I became who I am today, to prepare the road before me into self creation of a responsible, aware, self honest and trustworthy person for myself and so for all.

I am doing this through self-honest writing here on my blog and in private, as well as with the help of my buddy in the DIP course, where I also learn the most effective tools for self-support and self-improvement. While doing so I also offer my assistance to others who want to better themselves so that we can all move faster in creating a world that is best for all and not keep reinventing the wheel while doing so.

The tools I use in investigating my mind (i.e. my thoughts, feelings and emotions) and the consequential behavioral patterns are among others: self-aware breathing, self-honest writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.

In this way I uncover for myself the patterns within my conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind that consists of automated thought patterns and energetic reactions that result in emotional and feeling experiences in my body and then also automatic behavioral patterns that are not supportive for me or people around me. Thus we can call them self-sabotage patterns that I have (and each human has) created and copied from my (his/her) parents or others.

When I see these patterns for what they are, I check if they are supportive for me and others and if I am living them self-directively in awareness. If not, then I forgive myself for not being self-responsible and I write and determine a correction for myself. A new pattern that I will live instead of the old one, this time aligned with what is best for all and so for me as well.

I have noticed and proven to myself how beneficial it is for me to take time each day to write and reflect on my patterns and give myself clear direction. Thus I commit myself to make sure that I self-honestly do my best to apply all of the above every day in writing as well as in breath, as I understand that this is the greatest support I can gift to myself and no one else can ever do it for me.

Follow this link to see the full list of principles I am committing myself to live by.

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