Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 - Theoretical knowledge makes people dumb

In schools today we teach our children tons of theoretical knowledge which is all bullshit because mostly they will never have an opportunity to try it out themselves practically. So, through this our children are actually fed with bullshit information that makes them stupid, because their self-expression gets completely suppressed and so they get frustrated, angry, abusive, start drinking alcohol, do drugs... and start to look for a quick fix of happiness in things that are self-abusive. This is how we love our children? This is how we love our neighbour?

We all support this through capitalism where profit is king and where the dumbing down of people is accepted because dumb people are better consumers.
I do not and will not accept and allow this to be done onto my children, neither onto your children or anyone else. Not any more. That's another reason why I support the Equal Money System. Educate yourself about it and be the solution.

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