Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 - Fever, medicine, (herpes?)

Two days ago when I woke up I got diarrhoea and later also a fever. Both lasted for the whole day and in the evening I had a fever over 39°C. I don't know the cause of it, maybe I got it because I started to eat meat a few days ago or maybe I got a sunstroke the previous day but that's unlikely. Maybe it was just a virosis... I hope at least some systems got removed in the process :) I took a pill to reduce my fever in the evening and the next day I was ok. At first I had some thoughts about taking the pills because it was explained through the portal that fever helps to remove systems but Bernard also explained that drugs must also be used when appropriate as a chemical bridge to help the body balance itself back. So the pills also helped a lot to get me back in shape.

Unfortunately today a got herpes on my lips... I read it's because my immune system weakened when I had fever. I wonder if it assists me with something too? Any idea?


Found an explanation on Desteni forum:

Have to write more about my parents.


  1. Hey Blaž,

    Have you searched the forums for perspective?

  2. Yes I just did and I found an explanation. Thanks for reminding me.