Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 - Stopping addictions

I don't smoke, I already stopped drinking alcohol and now I've decided to also stop the addiction to sugar and sweets. I noticed that often I eat chocolate or similar although I'm not hungry. Sometimes I feel that I already ate too much sugar but I still eat it automatically not realizing it like a true robot, lol. I obviously programmed it as a habit into my mind and it's not supportive at all. So I'll stop eating sugar for 21 days (it seams to be the universal number for breaking a habit and becoming aware of self :) to stop the habit and to start being aware of what I eat and why.


  1. quite cool Blaz - same with me and chocolate, it's not as prominent now but it's definitely cool to stop and see 'who I am' without that.

  2. I've noticed that if I eat chocolate, it sticks to my teeth, and it makes a nasty, somehow acid feeling in my throat. So chocolate I do no more.