Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 - Digging holes on Desteni Farm

There's always something to do on Desteni Farm. Among other things, I'm helping to raise pols for a new fence. For that we obviously had to dig some holes first where wooden poles will be placed and fixed with concrete. So I used a shovel and an iron pole. There were sticks in the ground where the poles should be, so I first made a cut in the ground from every side in a size of the shovel and took out the dirt. The soil was quite hard so I had to jump on the shovel and use the force of my whole body to make it go all the way into the ground. Then I had a square hole in the ground and I had to make it deeper, around half a meter deep. For this I used the iron pole which is quite heavy and thin, so when I smashed it into the ground it sinked in and by twisting it and moving it around in circles I loosened the soil, so I could then easily pick it up with the shovel. I repeated the process 5 or 6 times and then the hole was done and ready for the wooden pole to be put in. I was probably working for about 15-20 minutes to make just one hole and I made quite a few. It was quite hot also and I rested in-between to catch my breath because I'm not used to working physically. There are a lot of fences around the farm and people had to dug hundreds of holes for them. Then you also have to actually mix the concrete which is even harder and put the poles in and fix them with it and then you can start putting the fence up. The machines would make this process obviously a lot faster and easier but they cost a lot of money. So imagine how hard people have to work to build everything that we use today. Roads, houses, sewer canals, railways... whole cities. It is almost impossible to make anything like that alone. I say almost because you would need decades to just make one simple house with everything in it, the sewage, electricity, water and everything. One could obviously use all sorts of machines to help self with, but realize, who made the machines? How long would it take to learn and design and make all the machines needed to make the construction of a simple house easier? You wouldn't do it in a lifetime!

So people like to justify the existence of private property by saying: "I worked for it! I earned my money and I worked for it really hard and so it is mine and no one is allowed to use it without my permission or even come close!"
If we look at the rich people of this world and see how many things they have while most of others have nothing, we realize that they never really worked for it. They just bought it and are now making it exclusive to themselves while they probably don't even realize that a whole army of people was needed to physically design and construct what they have just for themselves. So realize, only what you made with your own two hands can be your personal property and not even that, because you didn't make the material, it came from the Earth. And people like to think that they own the earth while it's the other way around. What we give is what we'll get and what do we give to the Earth? Have you ever considered this? What do we give to the animals and plants? What do we give to each other?

We designed the whole capitalist system on the idea that we can have private property and that this is the basic human right. Look at how many people have nothing and are starving to death, because less than 10% of the world population 'owns' almost everything on the planet. And when we say that private property is a human right we all support this vast suffering of everyone that is not in that rich 10% (that also have the privilege to read this blog).

When we remove the ego of self and stand as One and Equal to All that is HERE, we realize how simple the solution is to our problems. When we will be able to agree that we are all one and equal, then we'll also realize that we all have to work together in the way that is Best for All because that is Common Sense. And we will all live in Heaven on Earth. There is enough of everything for everyone, just not allays at the same time. That doesn't mean that you won't be able to use and enjoy the things that you already do, everyone will be able to do it and even much more, but obviously there is no need for one person to have everything just for self when one can share it with others in a meaningful, best-for-all way. This will all be integrated into the Equal Money System. So don't be all smart and hateful towards something that you don't even understand. Educate yourself and support the solutions for all Life NOW that you have a chance, maybe tomorrow you'll already stand in the shoes of those who have nothing at all (which is most of the world population, if you still haven't noticed).


  1. True Blaž, the private property is the cause of lack in this world. It is best to share the whole planet equally among all living beings, based on the real needs and not on what someone desires.

  2. Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.
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