Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Witness statement: Desteni Research Group is not a scam

My name is Blaž Cegnar and I live in Slovenia, EU, where I was born in Celje in 1988 and where I also finished my high-school. I finished the study of computer and information science at University of Ljubljana where I got my bachelor's degree and I am currently studying information and communication science for my master's degree at University of Maribor.

I first found out about the Desteni Research Group in 2008 when I started watching the group's videos on YouTube, where perspectives were given about the human history and how the world and the human mind works, how the abuse of Life happens and how it is allowed by all of us and how each one can help oneself to become a better human being that stands for what is best for All Life and works in harmony with others to implement practical solutions that will ensure a Dignified Life for all forms of life, where all Life is considered equally. Since then I have been studying the material that is made available on the group's web pages. I also joined the forum and I enrolled for the online SRA Course, which is now called the Desteni'I'Process Pro, in 2010. I am currently working on lessons from SRA3, which is the third year of the course. I am paying for the course and I also receive a sponsorship as I am not able to afford the full price of the course. I am very satisfied with it as I always have a personal buddy that helps me in understanding the lessons, material and exercises that I work on in the course. All of this is helping me to understand myself better, how I created my mind and how it all works and to, through this, change my patterns, myself to be a better and more effective person in doing what is best for all, where before I just saw myself and my self-interest and so created much abuse towards self and others. There is no other tool or course that I know of that would be so helpful in developing and expanding self into a better human being that the Desteni'I'Process Pro.

While investigating the material I found and familiarized myself with practical tools and advice for self-investigation and self-support, which includes self-honesty, writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application and procedures with which one can realize, understand and deconstruct one's own mind constructs, mind patterns, emotions and feelings and by doing so stop and remove the abusive patterns and replace them with practical solutions that are best for all and so best for oneself.

While applying these tools I found out that I can realize and understand my thought patterns, feelings, emotions and how I have created them, depending on how much I allow myself to be honest with myself. By applying these tools I become aware of my everyday patterns, that are based on thoughts and other energies like emotions and feelings, and I can further see how I create and allow abuse towards myself and others as long as I allow such energies to direct me and my decisions, instead of me directing myself within the principle of common sense and what is best for All Life here in every breath.

I have been applying these tools for more than two years now, both privately and publicly as it can be seen on my two public blogs:


During the process of applying the tools I have completely stopped drinking alcohol as it had no positive effect whatsoever on my life. I have also stopped the addiction of watching porn as it is a total abuse of women and makes one unable to develop a healthy and supportive intimate relationship towards oneself and one's partner. I have removed the addiction of being dependent on my relationship partner and I removed the fear of not having one. I also removed many fears I had towards meeting, speaking and interacting with strangers and other people. I have stopped judging myself according to my appearances and how I look. I am now more able to stay calm and not react to conflicting situations and I am generally able to be more stable and self-directive.

I have also visited the Desteni Farm in South Africa in 2011. I went there together with my former partner, Barbi Seme, and we stayed there aproximately for a month, from 29th of July to 29th of August. At that time I was already participating with the Desteni Group for about three years. I was very interested to actually meet the people I interacted with over the internet and I wanted to see how they actually live. It was my wish to visit the farm and so I asked if we could come and so we were invited. We payed for the whole trip and our stay on the farm. When we arrived at the airport we were picked up by Andrea and Robert and then we went back to the farm where we met all the other Destonians living there and those who also came to visit, including Bernard, Esteni, Sunette and many others. We immediately got our own room and after a few days we moved to another, bigger one. All the rooms and houses there are really nice, practical and comfortable. The food and everything else needed for living was always available and during our stay we could move freely and participate in anything we liked. We were on the farm most of the time, except when we went to a few trips to Pietermaritzburg or when we visited the local nature preserve. They are taking care for lots of animals on the farm so we helped with that for example, like taking care of the horses and I also helped with the parrots. We helped with painting the walls and fences and we also put up a new one for the garden. We also played pool or played with the dogs or watched an episode of Game of Thrones in the afternoon for example. They also have a music studio so I was learning to play on drums there which was very fun. I have quickly realized that all people on the farm are very practical and very motivated, persistent and stable in the work they do in order to search for and implement practical solutions that are best for all Life on Earth. They are like any other human being and I don't see them as special or much different than any other person, but what I also observed is that people living on the Desteni Farm are one of the most considerate, helpful, open, peaceful and self-honest people I ever met. I really liked living with them and if all people would live in such a way, than everyone on earth would have a dignified live that is fun and worth living. I felt very accepted the whole time. I also realized how limited I am within my own mind and my feelings and emotions that I create within myself with which I prevent myself to actually live and direct myself the way that is best for all in every breath. And so I also realized that I have to work on myself and change myself so that I can be the change that is needed in the world so that we can all create a dignified and fun life for all on Earth.

I have been studying Desteni, what it represents and I am working with other Destonians for around five years now and I have seen, observed and participated in the activities that are going on in the group and so what I see is that what the group does and stands for is what is best for all Life on Earth because everything and everyone is considered and solutions are always created and implemented in a way that is best for all.

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