Saturday, January 5, 2019

Why some people hate Trump?

People who hate Trump do so based on opinions they created for themselves based on the negative narrative portrayed in mass media, while not being aware that the narrative in mass media is controlled to serve selfish people who own most of the world and control the creation of money. Trump's administration is against secret and covert rich psychopaths who want to create a one world fascist regime for their benefit on everyone else's account and detriment. It is very easy to manipulate people's opinions, because most of the people are not aware of how the human mind works and how their view of the world is based on ignorance and misconceptions, deliberately pushed onto people through the whole educational system and mass media propaganda. But every day there are more people who dare to be self-honest and explore the facts on their own. Once you stop being a slave to your own ego/mind-consciousness system, you see the facts of the world as they really are and cannot be manipulated and brainwashed ever again. Egoism and ignorance lead into inevitable suffering and self-destruction, while self-honesty and self-direction births Life and the realization of unlimited power of self-direction according to what is best for all Life. All that fall into ego will cease and perish as they prove that they are not worthy of Life. Everyone else will birth the new era, where all Life will be respected equally. Some like to say: where we go one we go all (WWG1WGA), but the more accurate truth is: where we go one as Life we go all (WWG1ALWGA). Be aware of cognitive dissonance. It happens when one's beliefs are challenged to such a degree that one creates a thought-emotional blockade in one's mind/ego, which is an automated ego response, where ego tries to protect itself from having to change because of the new realizations that contradict the old beliefs. This is a trap of the ego that one must overcome in order to free oneself from the illusion of ego and false beliefs.

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