Monday, June 2, 2014

My Declaration of Principle: 2. Living by the principle of what is best for all

The second principle I am commuting myself to live by is the principle of what is best for all. People mostly have a problem understanding what this means, many even think that living such a principle is impossible. This is because most of the people almost never consider what is best for all and only work according to what is best for themselves or their loved ones, while mostly disregarding the negative consequences that others must experience because of such behavior. So, to better explain this principle of what is best for all, we can also explain ti this way: it is a principle of not doing onto another what we wouldn't want to be done onto ourselves. It is a principle of - if it is not good for everyone, it is no good at all.

We can only work according to this principle of what is best for all, when we remove our personal desires, wishes and wants that are irrational - meaning - we removed the desires that are attached to specific emotions and feelings. We remove the idea that our desires are more relevant than the rational requirements that we all as people have for being able to live a dignified life. To make it really simple: If I own 10 houses that are mostly empty - out of my desire to have the most amount of money and power and luxury - while there are at the same time homeless people in my country - then my desire is irrational and not according to what is best for all, because I am preventing fellow human beings from having a house to live in and have a dignified life as well. Therefore, the correction that I must make is to remove my desires for irrational power and luxury, by applying self-forgiveness and self-corrective application and thus aligning myself and my intentions to what is best for all, by making sure that I help to implement a solution, where a dignified life for all is guaranteed. This would mean that I would only be entitled to have one house / place I call my home, as long as there are people who still do not have a house. Because to give and gift to all what I would also like for myself is what is best for all, because in this I am equally included. When we live by such a principle, everyone will have a dignified and fun life, where no one will have a problem switching the place / position with anyone else, because we will treat others the same way as we would like to be treated in their place.

Doing what is best for all is basically doing only that which supports All Life and doesn't cause harm and abuse. This concept is not hard to grasp and understand, but we have to apply it practically in every breath and this is where it gets more tricky, because when we look at the specific decisions that we can make, it is often not so clear what the best decision would be. This decision making process requires one to firstly completely remove one's own emotional irrational desires and then one has to look at how to direct oneself, so that one will not limit oneself but live one's utmost potential in a way that will create the most support, not just for self, but for All Life. This is where self-honesty is essential. If we are not self-honest about our desires and about our intentions and make sure that what we do will result in support for all, then we cannot make effective decisions and will only act in self-interest. This means that we will disregard others and how the consequences of our actions and inaction effect others. And this is not acceptable.

One point that I also find important in my decision making process is to be well informed and firstly know what the real situation is, what are the possible solutions that already exist and what the existing relationships are within the system and between the people. This helps me to make a much better decision, because I also take into consideration everything that is outside of myself. In fact, this is the only way one can make decisions that will support all - by knowing the facts. By knowing what already works and what doesn't work, what solutions are already available and what solutions do not really solve anything, because they do not address the real cause of the problem, which mostly lies within ourselves and how we as humans think and behave and create relationships between ourselves. If we create relationships of superiority and inferiority, then we will inevitably create the master-slave relationship, which always leads to abuse and is therefore not acceptable. Anywhere we go today, we can see the master-slave relationship being imposed by people in various ways. The most obvious ones being education or creating an army of men that must follow authority and never question their actions. All this is not acceptable and not what is best for all.

The simplest guidance that I use for myself when directing myself to do what is best for all is to always practice putting myself into the shoes of another and then treating them as I would like to be treated, if I was in their shoes - and to not do onto another what I would not want to be done onto myself.

Follow this link to see the full list of principles I am committing myself to live by.

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