Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Declaration of Principle: 3. Living by the principle of self honesty

This is the most important principle in anyone's life, because self-honesty is a required precondition that enables one to see self as one really is and so the world as it really is. Without this principle, any meaningful change of self into an effective living being is impossible, because one is not able to see, realize and understand the real causes for ones behavior, emotions and thoughts within self and consequently, one also cannot realize the real causes for the problems that we see in the world. There is also a huge difference between honesty and self-honesty. We are honest when we speak openly to others about our thoughts, emotions and actions, about our intentions. But if we are not self-honest, then we don't really understand where are all our emotions, thoughts and intentions cumming from and why. When we are not self-honest, we don't see, realize and understand the real causes for our behavior and our state of beingness and so we also to not see, realize and understand the real causes for the state of the world and the problems that we have in this world. But what is most unacceptable is that, when we are not self-honest, we do not see, realize and understand how we ourselves have to change self in our thoughts and actions in order to solve the problems that we have in this world and stand as an effective solution that is best for all. Thus the principle of always being honest with self is always of the most importance.

I am directing myself to practice this principle of self-honesty every day in every breath. This means that I look at my thoughts, feelings and emotions and actions and get to see, realize and understand how I work, why am I the way I am and how do I have to practically change in order to become an effective human being, that stands as an example of how we humans can actually change our 'nature', the 'who we are' and decide to be, and become a force that does not allow abuse of life, but only what is best for All Life.

Through applying self-honesty, I have stopped drinking alcohol, because I realized what the actual effects of it are and why am I really drinking it. It was to run away from self and so because I knew that I can change and how to practically do it - I did it and stopped drinking alcohol, because I had no need for it anymore.

Through self-honesty I already realized many things. One of them being that I have to stand as an example of how every human can change and so how we can all together change and create a world that is Best for All. I realized that as long as there is any abuse of Life on Earth, the only meaningful and most important thing in my life or in life of any other being is to make sure to stop it, correct it and help to create a world that is best for all, because this is the only way that we can all make sure that we will never be abused and that everyone will have a dignified life that all can enjoy.

There is still very little self-honesty among people in this world and the result of it can be clearly seen everywhere in suffering and abuse of Life. This is not acceptable. We usually look at self-honesty as something frightening, because our mind doesn't want to face the facts, we often don't want to be completely responsible for ourselves, because it is so easy to go into one's mind / imagination and to let one's feelings and emotions to guide self, instead of self being self-responsible and directing oneself according to what is best for all. We see this the latter as hard and come up with tons of excuses of why we would rather not deal with self-honesty and just look away, like when we see a homeless person on the street. "Not my problem! It's his/hers own fault! Thank god I have my job!". Well, what if you were the homeless person or the one that is abuse? The one who no-one wants to help? In self-honesty, we put ourselves into the shoes of others and we treat others the same way we would like to be treated if we were in their place. Such behavior is not hard. It is much harder to look away and feel bad about it then to simply take self-responsibility to work on solutions that are best for all. Then one doesn't have to feel bad about anything anymore, because one is self-honest.

But we cannot just become self-honest in one moment and from that moment on do everything right and according to what is best for all, because it is a process of getting to know oneself in self-honesty through writing and observing self and then realizing how self must change. Then we can actually practice this change and in the end we actually become the change that we realized is best for all. This is why I am writing this blog and using the tools of self-forgiveness and others. This blog is a statement of my personal process and change that I am going through by applying self-honesty. I invite you to join me and many others in walking the process of self-honesty and self-change. Because after all, this IS what is BEST for ALL and what we all have to do in order to stop living in misery.

Follow this link to see the full list of principles I am committing myself to live by.

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