Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 161 - My Declaration of Principle: 8. Being aware of self and others and supporting Life

The eight principle I am committing myself to live by is the Principle of taking responsibility for myself to become aware of myself and others in my life, to assist and support them as I am assisting and supporting myself – to give as I would like to receive and do the extra bit every day to see where I can contribute to other’s lives and so my own.

Being aware of myself means that I observe myself and what is going on within myself in every breath. What thoughts am I having, what emotions and feelings, where are they coming from, how am I creating them and how can I direct myself in alignment to what is best for all Life? Here I practice self-aware breathing, combined with "brutal" self-honesty, to really see the causes of the patterns that I participate in and then I take self-responsibility for them and apply self-forgiveness. After this I can lay out the practical self-correction which I will implement in my Life, so that I can become less limited and help more to implement, with my own practical example, human relationships that will result in a system that is best for all of us. All this process I do through writing, like you can see on this blog, and then applying myself in my everyday practical life.

It is important that I firstly focus on myself, because I cannot help others if I do not help myself first and get to know how I can do it. Then I commit myself to also assist others and help them as I would like to be assisted and helped if I was in the shoes of another. By help and assistance I mostly mean the support of showing others with my example how they can as well take self-responsibility for their own mind and emotional patterns and change themselves and their lives to become more effective and more stable and start helping to create a world where a dignified life for all will be guaranteed. Because this is the only way it is going to happen, when every one of us takes self-responsibility to actively participate in creating a world that is best for all and not based on selfishness and abuse of Life.

Follow this link to see the full list of principles I am committing myself to live by.

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