Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 - Song lyrics

When I hear a song that talks about relationship/love/feelings/emotions I start to listen to the lyrics and allow myself to imagine the relationship/emotional situations when then I go into desire of such relationships/emotions of love etc.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to focus on the lyrics of emotional/relationship/love songs and to start to imagine myself in such situations and to desire them and believe that I need them in order to be happy. When and as I see myself focusing my attention on such lyrics - I stop, I breathe. I realize that by this I am allowing myself to use such lyrics to become emotional and to desire situations that exist only in my mind and so I get depressed and sad through believing that this is what I need to be happy, instead of realizing that such emotions/happiness is all the illusion of the mind and is never real and always works in polarities where if I am happy in one moment I will have to be sad and depressed in another. This stops here. I do not accept and allow myself to focus on the lyrics and to use them to generate ideas/desires and emotions/feelings, instead I stay here in the breath.


  1. cool realization! I was/am watching 'romantic' movies to fuck with myself, thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing Blaz.. I can see this as well within myself. And same here Agnieska.. relationships/love is just a drug we have allowed ourselves to become addicted to! Time to Stop!