Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 - War = crime against Life

Any and all wars are unacceptable and anyone who promotes it should be immediately assisted to realize this and stop the ego-centric self-deception and abuse. Anyone that promotes, justifies and supports war and abuse must be removed from all and any kind of position of power as he/she is incapable of common sense and doing what is Best for All Life.

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Any kind of war represents a complete fail of all human beings to recognize all Life as Self in Oneness and Equality. When there is a war, who benefits? Who makes more money, who gets more control? Those who kill each other or those who want others to kill each other? People allow themselves to be deceived into believing that they are fighting for a 'good cause', for 'freedom', for a better future, for what is best for them and their country... This is always a complete, utter self-deceptive bullshit. No war/violence/killing can ever be best for all because it is always based on separation and self-deception.

All we hear lately is the 'CONflict' between Iran and USA/NATO and how it all looks like there is going to be another war, possibly world war 3. The brainwash apparatus (media), controlled by those with basically unlimited money supply, generated and handed over to them through the exploitation of the economic slaves of capitalism, feeds us - the undereducated/dumbed down people - with fears and tons of justifications for war and why war is supposedly OK and even necessary as if there is apparently no other way. They portray the 'bad guys' as selfish and unwilling to participate instead of looking into the mirror. Through our brainwash media we lie directly and continuously right into our faces about the situation of Iran for example, or anything else for that matter. We simply accept and allow ourselves to be deceived and manipulated towards self-destruction because obviously, most of the people still do not realize and do not want to face the fact that we are all self-responsible for what we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves and this world, because whatever we see in the world is just an outflow of what we accept and allow withing ourselves.

If we don't want to suffer the consequences of self-created hell, then we have to always live according to what is Best for All. And if we want to stop all wars, we have to stop the war within ourselves first. We have to stop all the self-accepted and allowed judgments, fears, reactions, anger ... which we all create in separation with/among ourselves and what is here, through the illusions of our minds.

Thus we are self-responsible to not accept and allow any separation to exist within/between ourselves.We have to realize that we are all one and equal and this can only be done by physically/practically walking the principle of what is Best for All. To make it clearer, in the example of war/violence/killing I will always direct myself in the way that will stop it and I will never accept and allow anything that promotes it. I will speak out and expose the self-deception and abuse of Life that exists within war/violence/killing. I will put myself in the shoes of others and I will care for All Life Equally because we are all One.

We tend to look away when we see abuse and suffering just because it is not happening to us and this shows how completely separated we are from self = from what is here. All that exists here, even if it is on the other side of the world, is here because every one of us accepts and allows it to exist within ourselves. As long as there is war, violence, killing or any other abuse of Life then we know that it is here because we all accept and allow it. Especially when we don't (want to) care/notice.

Every one of us must stop. Stop everything that we have accepted and allowed as ourselves because all is self-deception and self-abuse. And as we stop in self-honesty and self-forgiveness, we have to correct ourselves and learn to always direct ourselves by the principle of what is Best for All Life in Oneness and Equality. Then we can live in piece and dignity within/among ourselves and all that is here. Doing anything else will always result in the consequence of suffering and self-abuse. Doing anything else can only create pain and eternal, self-created damnation. No one will save us, no one will save you. We all have to do it ourselves for self and for all that is here in oneness and equality or we shall be damned for eternity because even death won't end the suffering. No one can run away and hide, we all have to face what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves. The longer we postpone, the longer and stronger will be the suffering. Until we start doing what is Best for All in Oneness and Equality.

It is the self-responsibility of every one of us to speak out and not accept and allow any kind of war or any other abuse of Life in any way. We have to stand as practical examples of how to always live in a way that is Best for All and work together to bring about such practical solutions (like an Equal Money System).

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